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Learning Services & Tutoring at Elizabethtown College


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As part of Elizabethtown College’s Center for Student Success, Learning Services strives to help students be academically successful.

Learning Services offers tutoring for writing specific courses, as well as assistance with study skills, time management, and test taking strategies. Tutoring provided by Learning Services is mostly through peer tutors.

Learning Services Director Lynne Davies explained how students can go about getting a tutor.

Students can email or they can call. Most students actually just walk in because we have a book where they can sign up, so they can request a tutor for a particular course that they’re taking.

Student tutors often find that assisting their peers helps them to sharpen their own skills. International student Paul Lecurieux-Lafayette explained how tutoring others has helped him in his own studies.

I can look at their approach of how they’re learning when I’m teaching them vocabulary or grammar, and it’s helping myself to study.

One of the students Paul tutors is Gillian Engelbrecht, a junior who’ll soon be studying abroad in France. She explained how working with Paul has helped her to prepare for the trip.

I think it’s prepared me because Paul’s been helping me practice talking about things that I would need to know in France, and he’s been sharing with me about France so that I’ll be better prepared when I’m there.

Over 250 peer tutors are registered to help with more than 200 Elizabethtown College courses. A list of current tutors is available in Learning Services.

Students can sign up for tutors in Learning Services or call the office at 717-361-1185.  The service is free for full-time students and $7.75 an hour for part-time students.

Learning Services is located in rooms 226 to 239 of the Baugher Student Center.


First Senior Senate Meeting of 2014

“I’m here inside the Hoover Building Department of Business where the Elizabethtown Senate held their first Senior staff meeting.”
The Senior staff met with Student Senate Thursday to discuss any concerns, questions and suggestions the student body had submitted. The meeting covered the concern in the rise in tuition, questioning if tuition will be raised again and how financial aid office is dealing with those needing more financial help. Elizabethtown President, Carl Strikwerda, addressed these questions by saying that there was a need for increasing finance and tuition increase covered the gap that exterior and alumni donations did not.
“I mean in general, i think myself and the student body at large wouldn’t like another tuition increase, it’s just more money to pay. ”
The tuition increase went towards the new swipe system to access dorm buildings, renovations to Nicarry, and additions to the engineering department in Esbenshade.
“Just beyond this door is the Advanced Prototyping Lab, more commonly know by the engineering students in Eshade as the “Phab Lab”. Why you ask? This is where students can take what they learned in the classroom and apply it hands on.”
According to senior staff, the tuition has a high chance of increasing, again. The tuition is said to increase as early as January, with the start of the Spring 2015 semester. Senate said the money from the next increase will head towards a field house and a new track-which is predicted to cost a few million dollars. A strategic plan is being made for the next planned senior senate meeting.
“A direction they want to go with the college”
Senate meets here, in Hoover 21,2 weekly. All meetings are open to the public and all interested are encouraged to attend. For ECTV-40, I’m Jess Plue.