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Elizabethtown College Diversity Podcast Episode 3

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Your are tuning into Elizabethtown College’s Diversity Podcast! This is the third and FINAL episode of this podcast series. This week features two students that are members of the college campus’ LGBTQ community.


A special thank you for all student, staff and faculty participants. I really appreciate all of your help and input.


Blue Jays, have a SAFE and RESTFUL Thanksgiving break!!!


Blue Jays, Always.


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Gabi Weisfeld

Class of 2017

Learning Services & Tutoring at Elizabethtown College


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As part of Elizabethtown College’s Center for Student Success, Learning Services strives to help students be academically successful.

Learning Services offers tutoring for writing specific courses, as well as assistance with study skills, time management, and test taking strategies. Tutoring provided by Learning Services is mostly through peer tutors.

Learning Services Director Lynne Davies explained how students can go about getting a tutor.

Students can email or they can call. Most students actually just walk in because we have a book where they can sign up, so they can request a tutor for a particular course that they’re taking.

Student tutors often find that assisting their peers helps them to sharpen their own skills. International student Paul Lecurieux-Lafayette explained how tutoring others has helped him in his own studies.

I can look at their approach of how they’re learning when I’m teaching them vocabulary or grammar, and it’s helping myself to study.

One of the students Paul tutors is Gillian Engelbrecht, a junior who’ll soon be studying abroad in France. She explained how working with Paul has helped her to prepare for the trip.

I think it’s prepared me because Paul’s been helping me practice talking about things that I would need to know in France, and he’s been sharing with me about France so that I’ll be better prepared when I’m there.

Over 250 peer tutors are registered to help with more than 200 Elizabethtown College courses. A list of current tutors is available in Learning Services.

Students can sign up for tutors in Learning Services or call the office at 717-361-1185.  The service is free for full-time students and $7.75 an hour for part-time students.

Learning Services is located in rooms 226 to 239 of the Baugher Student Center.


E-fit’s Pound classes are helping students stay healthy and active

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E-fit is helping Elizabethtown College students stay healthy and active. They now offer many exercise classes designed to motivate students to take control of their personal health.

E-fit is sponsored by the Office of Student Activities. It features a variety of fitness classes such as Pound, Zumba, kickboxing, and yoga. E-fit’s Erin Kelly explains the role that the program has at the College:

“We’re just really focusing on trying to get students to work out more and be more involved. By doing that, by having the class, we hope that we can make it fun.”

Their most popular class is Pound, a high-energy workout where students slam bright green drumsticks on the floor to the beat of current pop and rock songs.

Those who attend the class can expect cardio and aerobic exercises that target many areas of the body. Pound instructor Jess Schultz says that the class is great for people who want a good workout at their own pace:

“Pound might seem intimidating at first, but it’s a lot of fun. Anyone can modify it to be whatever level is right for them. Even when I started doing this class, I had been in a wheelchair for four years before that. Anyone can do it!”

Many have found that Pound is an effective alternative to going to the gym alone. E-fit representative Erin Kelly explained the unique way that Pound got started:

“Basically it came from a girl who was a drummer, and she was sick of kinda sitting in her chair, so she would drum on her drums while she was squatting.”

E-fit has also increased the number of classes per week and begun a rewards program to give students incentive to come out and try it.

E-fit began holding Pound classes just four years ago. Since then they’ve become one of their most popular classes. Dates, times and locations can be found on the E-Town campus calendar. Reporting for ECTV, I’m Kacie Hallman.

For more information about what E-fit has to offer, visit www.etown.edu.

April is National Stress Awareness Month

April is National Stress Awareness Month. Long-term exposure to stress can lead to health problems like raised blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack and stoke, and suppression of the immune system. With the many daily events that can stress you out, comes many was to cope and combat stress. Some eat chocolate as a guilty pleasure but research shows eating dark chocolate can help maintain a healthy heart. Chocolate contains cocoa flavanols and flavanols contain enzymes that speed up drug metabolism. In addition, chocolate releases feel-good chemicals in the brain called dopamine, which produces the feeling of happiness.

Exercise and other physical activity produce endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers. Endorphins also improve the ability to sleep, which in turn, reduces stress. Daily exercise can reduce stress sixty percent more for those that workout than for those that do not partake in daily physical activity.

In addition to exercising daily and eating right, the right amount of sleep can do the body and mind wonders against stress. Seven and a half to eight hours of sleep are recommended for the highest mental performance. For WeTown, I’m Jess Plue

The Artspress


Art and coffee has been said to be a good mix, and that can be found right here in Elizabethtown.WeTown reporter, Corey Aspril, has more on the Artspress in the Elizabethtown community.

Artpress, located on main street of Elizabethtown, is a place where coffee and creativity can be found. It has been around the around for about two years and has done many of things for the community. From making coffee, to having art lessons to help people advance in their artwork from a twenty five year vision. Jeneva, the owner of arts press tells us more.

Jeneva Augelle: “I do a lot of volunteer work. Also do art classes, we do paint your own ceramics.”

Artspress is not only the company name, but an action to the company. It means that the company wants one to express themselves through art.The art is displayed all over the building creating a gallery for many to view others artwork.Things such as paintings and pottery are present to see around the gallery.

Jeneva Augelle: “I actually teach it all, trough perspective, trough The individual perspective. Not through any other way, I use mirrors, I use plexy glass, I uses variety of tools. All kinds of thing to get people to know their own perspective. Every class is different, everyone is different. It’s treated uniquely like that. Which hopefully will get the person to understand, and to be able to express themselves in a creative way.”

The Artspress serves over ten different flavors of coffee that are organic fair trade brews that they want to serve to people. The studio offers wellness activities for the community as well such as yoga and reiki to get people to keep healthy. It is also used as a venue for more local artists to collaborate and share art with one another. The Artspress even offers art lessons for people to take so that they can improve on their art to express themselves more.

From Serving coffee to teaching art lessons, the Artspress has done many things for the community. Reporting for Wetown, i’m Corey Aspril.