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Legends of the Hidden Temple

This past Friday, OSA hosted Legends of the Hidden Temple in Thompson Gymnasium. The event was a replica of the original game show that aired on Nickelodeon in 1993. It ran for three seasons before being cancelled. Many of the contestants that signed up for this event had fond memories of watching the game show when they were younger.

The show started out with 20 teams competing in the preliminary round. They all ran through a giant blowup obstacle course. They competed to get the best time. The six teams that had the best time moved on, but the others were eliminated.
The teams that made it to the first round were: Alyssa Korn and Noel Reyes, Martin Harnish and Paige Service, Zack Schmidt and Emily Reigart, Paul Brenner and Chris Ramos, Kyle Brock and Lauren Duffy, and Ryan Stadel and Zach Foster. These six teams made it to the first round of the game, the moat.

The Moat
The moat round took place at the Thompson Pool. Each team chose a partner to jump in and the other partner stayed on the side of the pool to cheer. There were several rubber ducks floating around the pool that each had a different shape and color. On the underside of the ducks were letters. The teams had to catch each duck and find the right letters to spell their designated word.
The crowd cheered the teams on as they swam around frantically looking for the right letters to spell their words. Only four of the teams could make it to the next round, though, and two of the teams fell short. Making it to the next round were: Schmidt and Reigart, Brenner and Ramos, Brock and Duffy, and Stadel and Foster.

Steps of Knowledge
For the second round everyone moved into the Thompson Gymnasium. In this round the four teams chose a player to answer questions on the steps of knowledge. The teams were read a passage, and then at the end asked questions from the passage. When the question was read, the contestant was instructed to step on a balloon to signal that he or she knew the answer. After the first question was read each contestant stepped on his or her balloon at the same time, and there was a huge blast throughout the gym that made the crowd jump. Each excited contestant yelled out answers as quickly as he or she could and each of the partners yelled on the sidelines to help them with the answers. Two teams had to be eliminated in this round as well, and the two successful teams: Brock and Duffy, and Stadel and Foster moved on.

Temple Games
The third round was Temple games. There were three challenges in this third round. The team’s first challenge was to be the first to knock over two two-liter bottles with a tennis ball. Each teammate threw vigorously as the other teammate recovered the ball. Duffy was the thrower for her team, and she successfully knocked over both bottles first. The next challenge was a collecting game. The teams ran frantically throughout the Thompson hallways in search of Easter eggs. Each Easter egg had a letter in it. When the teams had found all of their eggs, they were put together to spell out the word, Omec. Stadel and Foster won this challenge, so it was neck-and-neck for the last part of the round, a memory game.
The memory game was a real nail biter. The teams ran back and forth between two boards flipping over cards and trying to remember which matched up with which. When it came to the final time count, Stadel and Foster beat Duffy and Brock by just a few seconds.

Temple Run
Duffy and Brock collected their consolation prize, dish soap, and took a seat to see if Stadel and Foster could complete the final round, the Temple Run, to take the grand prize. For the temple run, the team had to complete a series of challenges, all while avoiding the Temple Guards. The Temple Guards could get in their way at any time. Stadel and Foster fought their way through the temple vigorously and won a glorious victory. Their prize was a movie pack including tickets to MoviEtown, popcorn, starbursts, and a six- pack of Coke.

Victory for Stadel and Foster
When asked about his victory Stadel said, “It was a great night, a great activity, and a great competition, and we were really hoping that the final prize was a trip to Disney World but a 6 pack of Coca-Cola was fine.” Foster also agreed that the night was fun. He commented, “I enjoyed the game a lot because it was different from anything else.”
The event was a new event that had never been done by OSA. The student body that came out was enthusiastic about it, and the staff of OSA says there is a possibility that they might just bring it back again in future years.