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Etown women’s lacrosse loses 18-13 against Marymount

Etown women’s lacrosse team plan strategies during a timeout.

Senior attack Carly Thompson scored her 100th career goal during the Feb. 28 game against Marymount University; on the opposing team, senior attack Abby Wescott also scored her 100th career goal.

“It started to pick up our momentum as a team and was a huge success for her personally since she was injured for the majority of her junior year season,” first-year midfielder Kate Ziegler stated in an email about Thompson’s 100th goal.

In the first half, Etown began with the ball after the first draw, but Marymount scored the first point of the game. Thompson and junior attack Madelyn Baker each scored two goals after a streak of Marymount goals. Both sides called time outs in quick succession about halfway through the first half.

Close to the end of the first half, Etown senior defense Courtney Shaffer was flagged with just minutes left. With only five minutes left, Marymount’s team suffered two two-minute penalties for juniors Kelly Campbell, attack, and Alex Delgado, defense.

Many players fell for one reason or another during the first half, so much that it prompted an official from the sidelines to yell, “Stay on your feet!”

In the last few minutes of the first half, Etown first-year attack and midfielder Lexie Sharp switched out with Baker. At the end of the first half, Marymount was in the lead 8-7.

“We came from behind and took the lead to show that we were willing to fight, even though unfortunately we did not end up on top in the end,” Ziegler said.

After halftime, Ziegler scored two goals. About halfway through, Marymount called another timeout, Etown quickly following suit.

With 10 minutes left, sophomore attack Mirthe Berends had a two-minute penalty, quickly followed by two two-minute penalties for senior midfielder Katie Thompson. Close to the end of the game, Carly Thompson also got a two-minute penalty. Marymount junior attack Jessica Crew had a very painful-looking fall in the second half.

Etown lost the game 18-13, though it was very close throughout most of the game.

“I think we did play well together,” Carly Thompson said after the game. “I think that we wasted some time when we shouldn’t have, but I think that it’s just a learning experience.”

She was not too worried by the loss, stating “This wasn’t a Conference game, so everything is awesome.”

Ziegler stated that being on a collegiate team is exciting, saying, “I can’t wait for what the rest of this season and the next 3 seasons hold for our team!”

Listen to a brief podcast with senior attack Carly Thompson:




Blue Jays best the Presidents at home

IMG_0871 (2)                 IMG_0904 (2)                 IMG_0879 (2)

The Elizabethtown College Blue Jays beat Washington & Jefferson Presidents 19-9 Saturday in the 4 p.m. women’s lacrosse game on Wolf field.

Third-leading goal scorer, sophomore, Carly Thompson, scored the first goal of the game and three overall, and one assist. Thompson scores an average of two goals a game playing attack.

The Blue Jays won possession at the face-off and scored a quick goal to start the game, but the Presidents quickly retaliated Carly Thompson’s goal to tie it up.

The game was a true team effort. Senior captains Mary Nell Donahue and Dana Robidoux scored four goals and three goals respectively. Junior captain Addie Stang had three goals and one assist. Junior Allison McLamb and sophomore Katie Thompson scored two goals each and Katie made one assist to her twin sister Carly. First-year Madelyn Baker, scored the first goal of her career, and a total of two.

The crowd sat patient and anxious as both team rosters were called onto the field. Cheers of recognition and support followed each name. All cheers were then paused for the playing of the national anthem and the crowd rose to their feet.
The game burst into action at the sound of the whistle. The Blue Jays won possession at the face-off and scored a quick goal to start the game, but the Presidents quickly retaliated Thompson’s goal to tie it up.

As the points racked up, Katie scored her first goal of the game with an excellent “stutter-step” to outwit the defense, but the Presidents returned with a goal seconds after.

It was a fast-paced game as both teams scored back and forth. By the end of the first half, Etown was leading 10-6. Carly Thompson had already achieved a hat trick. It was anyone’s game.

As the buzzer sounded, the second half was off with a bang as Washington & Jefferson scored within seconds of gaining possession after the face-off. The score was 10-7.

As the second half wore on, Etown was piling on the pressure as they racked up the score to 17-7. The girls began to slow the game down as they held possession in the President’s defensive territory for the majority of the second half, scoring two more goals.
Washington & Jefferson didn’t let up. They held Etown at 19-7 for almost ten minutes, managed to turn the pressure around on the jays’ defense and cracked a shot that was blocked by Etown goalie, first-year Abby Kopytko.

With one minute left, the Presidents scored two more goals and the game closed out 19-9 for the Blue Jays’ second win, making their record 2-3.

“This is an incredibly strong team with very talented players who I believe will definitely make the Landmark Conference playoffs this season! Our goals are to stay focused, keep each other motivated, and continue to build a culture we’re proud of!” head women’s lacrosse coach Danielle Seling said.

The women’s lacrosse team will go on to play the Stockton Ospreys this Saturday away at 1 p.m. and at home next Thursday, March 24 versus the Catholic University Cardinals at 4 p.m.

The Thompson Twins

Carly and Katie Thompson have been playing together on the same lacrosse teams since fifth grade. This dynamic duo claims their competition between each other has always made them stronger.

“We play different positions so we do not compete for stats or anything. We work well together on the attacking end because we trust each other. Several of my goals come from assists from Katie,” Carly Said.

“We do get pretty competitive in practice, but we work really well together in games. I’m probably just as competitive with her as I am with other girls on our team. Carly has always been more of an attacker while I was always more defensive-minded so we’ve gained different skills over the years. If we both played the same position I’m sure there would be more of a rivalry,” Katie explained.