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Etown women’s lacrosse loses 18-13 against Marymount

Etown women’s lacrosse team plan strategies during a timeout.

Senior attack Carly Thompson scored her 100th career goal during the Feb. 28 game against Marymount University; on the opposing team, senior attack Abby Wescott also scored her 100th career goal.

“It started to pick up our momentum as a team and was a huge success for her personally since she was injured for the majority of her junior year season,” first-year midfielder Kate Ziegler stated in an email about Thompson’s 100th goal.

In the first half, Etown began with the ball after the first draw, but Marymount scored the first point of the game. Thompson and junior attack Madelyn Baker each scored two goals after a streak of Marymount goals. Both sides called time outs in quick succession about halfway through the first half.

Close to the end of the first half, Etown senior defense Courtney Shaffer was flagged with just minutes left. With only five minutes left, Marymount’s team suffered two two-minute penalties for juniors Kelly Campbell, attack, and Alex Delgado, defense.

Many players fell for one reason or another during the first half, so much that it prompted an official from the sidelines to yell, “Stay on your feet!”

In the last few minutes of the first half, Etown first-year attack and midfielder Lexie Sharp switched out with Baker. At the end of the first half, Marymount was in the lead 8-7.

“We came from behind and took the lead to show that we were willing to fight, even though unfortunately we did not end up on top in the end,” Ziegler said.

After halftime, Ziegler scored two goals. About halfway through, Marymount called another timeout, Etown quickly following suit.

With 10 minutes left, sophomore attack Mirthe Berends had a two-minute penalty, quickly followed by two two-minute penalties for senior midfielder Katie Thompson. Close to the end of the game, Carly Thompson also got a two-minute penalty. Marymount junior attack Jessica Crew had a very painful-looking fall in the second half.

Etown lost the game 18-13, though it was very close throughout most of the game.

“I think we did play well together,” Carly Thompson said after the game. “I think that we wasted some time when we shouldn’t have, but I think that it’s just a learning experience.”

She was not too worried by the loss, stating “This wasn’t a Conference game, so everything is awesome.”

Ziegler stated that being on a collegiate team is exciting, saying, “I can’t wait for what the rest of this season and the next 3 seasons hold for our team!”

Listen to a brief podcast with senior attack Carly Thompson:




Learning Services & Tutoring at Elizabethtown College


Click here to watch the video.

As part of Elizabethtown College’s Center for Student Success, Learning Services strives to help students be academically successful.

Learning Services offers tutoring for writing specific courses, as well as assistance with study skills, time management, and test taking strategies. Tutoring provided by Learning Services is mostly through peer tutors.

Learning Services Director Lynne Davies explained how students can go about getting a tutor.

Students can email or they can call. Most students actually just walk in because we have a book where they can sign up, so they can request a tutor for a particular course that they’re taking.

Student tutors often find that assisting their peers helps them to sharpen their own skills. International student Paul Lecurieux-Lafayette explained how tutoring others has helped him in his own studies.

I can look at their approach of how they’re learning when I’m teaching them vocabulary or grammar, and it’s helping myself to study.

One of the students Paul tutors is Gillian Engelbrecht, a junior who’ll soon be studying abroad in France. She explained how working with Paul has helped her to prepare for the trip.

I think it’s prepared me because Paul’s been helping me practice talking about things that I would need to know in France, and he’s been sharing with me about France so that I’ll be better prepared when I’m there.

Over 250 peer tutors are registered to help with more than 200 Elizabethtown College courses. A list of current tutors is available in Learning Services.

Students can sign up for tutors in Learning Services or call the office at 717-361-1185.  The service is free for full-time students and $7.75 an hour for part-time students.

Learning Services is located in rooms 226 to 239 of the Baugher Student Center.


New Club on Campus: Social Enterprise

SEC Fullscreen

The Social Enterprise Club is in its first semester here at Elizabethtown College. Sponsored by the Social Enterprise Institute, the club’s objective is to generate at least 20 business ideas per year. The top ideas will then be passed along to the Institute for consideration. Their goal is to inspire students to become more socially responsible. The Social Enterprise Club is open to students from all majors and is hoping to expand in the near future. They meet twice per month on Thursdays at 7pm in the Brinser Lecture Room.

Blue Jays always, Stephanie Collins returns to Elizabethtown College

The Office of Residential Life at Elizabethtown College welcomed a new member to its team at the start of the 2015-2016 academic year. Stephanie (Stepf) Collins is the new area coordinator and she oversees the Ober and Founders residence halls.

Founders Residence Hall
Founders Residence Hall

What Does an Area Coordinator Do?

The Area Coordinator (AC) plays many vital roles in the college community. They serve as educators, role models, mentors, and so much more. In their roles as educators Area Coordinator’s work to provide direction for student learning and academic success by managing residence halls and coordinating with the campus as a whole to ensure the success of students in all aspects of life here at Etown.

One thing that many students do not realize about Area Coordinators is that they are live-in staff members. This means that they live on campus, traditionally in a residence hall.

“It can be hard to separate work from personal life at times, since they are all together, but I’m working on finding the right balance,” said Collins.

Another main aspect of an Area Coordinators job is to oversee the Resident Assistants (RA) who work in their buildings. They help the RA’s grow as individuals and as mentors to their residents.

Collins’s Former Days at Etown

Just a few short years ago Collins had been a student at Elizabethtown College. While attending, Collins was a Resident Assistant in both Founders and Ober. After two years at Etown Collins transferred to Shippensburg University, where she was also an RA. Collins graduated in May 2013 with a degree in Women and Gender Studies as well as Social Work.

Watch this video to see Collins winning entry in the Caldwell & Gregory laundry bulletin board competition.

The Flock Back to Etown

When the position of Area Coordinator opened at the end of the Spring 2015 semester Collins knew the position was meant for her.

“I loved Etown when I went to school here and had wanted to get back into residence life for awhile now, this was perfect timing,” Collins said.

“It’s great to have an Area Coordinator that was an RA before, she knows everything that we have to go through and gives great advice on how to get through the tough and stressful times,” Callie McClanahan, Founders RA and Class of 2017, said.

Listen to the podcast below to hear why students enjoy having Collins as their Area Coordinator.

Local Youth Center Gets a Major Facelift

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 9.25.05 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 9.21.23 PM

An organization in Elizabethtown is working to better the lives of local youth.

Cornerstone Ministries was established in 1998 and made its transition to a Youth Center in 2004. They offer homework help, recreational activities, and a large indoor skate park to local youth to give them a fun, safe environment.

The past few years have been filled with major construction at their facility, which was originally a large warehouse. They were able to raise over seven-hundred-fifty-thousand dollars from the community to renovate and customize the space.

Cornerstone’s Executive Director John Myers explained just a few of the renovations that took place.

Obviously there was a major facelift to the outside of the building as well as raising the ceiling in the skate park, and actually a brand new floor as well so that they would have a smooth surface to skate on.

The ministry can be contacted through their website at www.cornerstoneetown.org.