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Arts & the Armistice

Elizabethtown College sponsored a memorial event the weekend of Veterans’ Day, featuring a poster exhibition and a live performance to commemorate veterans’ memories. The exhibition features images of women in World War One, as depicted by wartime posters.

The performance and the exhibition were created in conjunction to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the armistice that ended World War One, on November 11th, 1918.

The performance occurred on the night of the anniversary, Sunday, November 11th. It featured music and poetry written during World War One. Both students and faculty were involved in varying capacities.  Sophomore music major Sarah Peppe spoke to us about her involvement in the program.

“I’m playing a piece called “The Lark Ascending” by Ralph Von Williams,” she said, “And I’m playing it on violin. It has ties to World War One. He wrote it before being drafted into World War One, and completed it when he came back.”

Participants were deeply affected by their exposure to the work of veterans and their families, even without a personal connection to the war.

“It was a really amazing experience, just being able to read someone else’s words and kind of put my own emotions into them,” said Abigail Spessard, a junior who read two of Charlotte Mew’s poems for the program. “And I think that this opportunity, while I may not have a very close personal connection to it, I do know a lot of people that do, so it’s kind of like, my feelings mixed with theirs.”

In Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, Margaret Boccella, Wetown.org.

Clubs: Key Component in Trick-or-Treat Event

By Dina Dispensiere, Jessica Potter, and Jackie Quidort

On Thursday October 27, Elizabethtown College was host to community children and parents for a night of trick-or-treating. Although Senate was the key planner in this event, it would not have been possible without the help of Elizabethtown College clubs. While Senate was welcoming, the clubs endured the drizzling, bitter cold weather to set up their stands, converse with children and parents, and hand out candy.

Among participating clubs was International Club, a representative of domestic and international students, according to International Club president, Abdullah “AJ” Ata. “Well it’s an outreach efforts to the community, so it’s very rewarding to have to be involved in the community and to give back in a sense, and to put the club’s name out there, to introduce [it] to the community and tell them what we do and how we can help,” said Ata.

The relationship between the college and the community is vital, and this event further built the relationship. “This event is a great way to foster relationships with students and the community. It can also serve student groups through publicizing their endeavors to the community,” wrote Donte McCrary-McClain, Senate Publicity and Marketing Chair in an e-mail interview.

Parents of participants were thoroughly pleased with the night’s festivities. “I thought it was really nice, everybody was really friendly, and the snacks were really nice,” said Melissa, an Elizabethtown resident. Parent Daniel Berry of Mount Joy thought the event was both thoughtful and nice. Both Melissa and Berry would consider coming back next year. McCrary-McClain summed it up when he wrote, ‘This event further connects the college to the community and the residents greatly appreciate the gesture.”

Spring into the Season

Women’s volleyball is a fall sport at Elizabethtown College, but that doesn’t mean the Blue Jays throw in the towel when the weather turns cold. From early March to mid April, the team plays in a modified spring season in order to brush up on their skills, maintain team unity and just have some fun playing some volleyball.
What makes spring season different from the regular season? The fall season normally lasts about 16 weeks. The ladies practice nearly everyday of the week for 2 ½ hours a day. They play upwards of thirty home and away games and these games count towards their overall wins and losses record for the season. The spring season, on the other hand, lasts for roughly 6 weeks. The team only practices 3 to 4 days a week for and hour and a half to 2 hours a day. The ladies are working towards playing in only one tournament that does not count towards their overall wins and losses record.
The short spring season is not nearly as physically or mentally demanding of the players as the regular season is, but it is still important that they participate in it nonetheless. It gives the ladies a chance to stay involved with volleyball but at the same time keep up with school work and other extracurricular activities as the semester begins to wind down. Students at the College must maintain a certain GPA in order to participate on sports teams, so it is imperative that the ladies keep up their studies and maintain their grades even in the off season.
All the girls agree that participation in the spring season is beneficial to them as a team. This is the time where the players get to work on things they might not have had the chance to focus on in the busier fall season. Team Captain junior Kelsey Hayes said, “It’s always good to just get our hands on the volleyball again after taking a break from the regular season.” The back row players move forward and get a chance to work on their hitting and blocking skills at the net while the front row players drop back to practice their serve receive and defense.
The spring season also brings the teammates closer as friends. “I like the spring season because I get to see my friends all the time again,” says sophomore Lindsay Palm. “These girls are like my family.” First year player Erin Guarino feels the same way. “I get excited when I get to go to practice and see all my friends and just have fun,” she said.
The spring volleyball season may not be as intense as the fall season, but it looks like the Blue Jays don’t mind it one bit.

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