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Elizabethtown College Diversity Podcast Episode 3

Welcome back!


Your are tuning into Elizabethtown College’s Diversity Podcast! This is the third and FINAL episode of this podcast series. This week features two students that are members of the college campus’ LGBTQ community.


A special thank you for all student, staff and faculty participants. I really appreciate all of your help and input.


Blue Jays, have a SAFE and RESTFUL Thanksgiving break!!!


Blue Jays, Always.


Your Host,

Gabi Weisfeld

Class of 2017

Holiday Train Display Reaching New Heights

The “Train Guys” of Elizabethtown, PA are at it again with a bigger and better-than-ever Holiday Train Display! Not only is this Train Display amazing in its design and interactive fun, but every dollar raised goes to support Elizabethtown Public Library for the benefit of the Greater Elizabethtown Area.
Each year, the Holiday Train Display at Elizabethtown Public Library is completely redesigned with new features including interactive display elements where viewers make train activity happen. An additional piece of Elizabethtown history is added annually, as well.
The Holiday Train Display will be open to the public Tuesdays (December 6, 13, 20, 27) and Thursdays (December 1, 8, 15, 22, 29) from 6-8 pm, and Saturdays (December 3, 10, and 17) 10am-2 pm. In addition to the regular Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule, there are other options to make your holidays brighter by taking part in this annual event. Special times include Wednesday, December 21st from 6-8pm and during Elizabethtown Area’s New Year’s Eve celebration: Let Etown Ring! on Saturday, December 31st from 5-7pm. (Elizabethtown Public Library will be open from 12PM-7PM on Saturday, December 31st.)
There is still time for individuals or businesses interested in a special event of their own to schedule a private showing of the Holiday Train Display for a minimum fee of $30.00/per half hour. Businesses may choose to thank their customers or employees in this way. Families might want to hold a child’s birthday party or just have a quieter, less distracting showing. To set up a private showing please contact the Library at (717)-367-7467 x 28.
Additional fundraising through the Holiday Train Display comes to Elizabethtown Public Library through the generosity of Barry’s Train Shop of Elizabethtown, PA. Barry’s Train Shop has donated three train sets that are being raffled off as part of the Holiday Train Display at the Library. The Train Guys are also selling the newest car in the Elizabethtown Area Business Train, the Grubb Supply coal hopper car. More information about these items are available at the Holiday Train Display.
The “Train Guys” hope to exceed last year’s number of visitors and donations and to help the Library as much as possible. For more information about the Holiday Train Display please visit www.etownpubliclibrary.org, e-mail information@etownpubliclibrary.org or call (717)-367-7467. Elizabethtown Public Library is located at 10 South Market Street, just off the Elizabethtown Square.

Etown Holiday Train Display - Klein Chocolate Field
Etown Holiday Train Display - Klein Chocolate Field

You Tube Video of 2011 Holiday Train Display

Annual Senior Citizens Ball

Every year the Elizabethtown Area High School Student Council sponsors a well received Senior Citizen’s Ball. Many Senior Citizens in and around the community come each year and enjoy the fun presented by the council.
This year the theme of the ball is “Walking Through Paris.” All senior citizens are invited to come to the ball and have a wonderful time; gathered with students, friends, and community members!
The event is scheduled for May 22, at 6:30pm, in the high school cafeteria.
No need to be a ballroom dancer! Come and enjoy the fun!
The student council would also like to thank all businesses who have monetarily contributed to this event!
If you would like any tips on some crazy Jitter-Bugging moves, follow this link to a classic video of the jitter-bug!

Economy Troubles Affecting E-town?



Over the past couple of months, the economy has caused the whole nation to be more frugal with their everyday spending. The economic plunge is believed to be the result of a multiple of things, according to economic experts.

Associate Professor of Economics from Elizabethtown College, Dr. Sanjay Paul believes it is because of “insufficient lending practices of financial institutions”. These institutions, such as Fannie Mae and will make money available for mortgage lending. These high-risk loans that are given out are called “sub-prime” mortgages. As a result of the borrowers, borrowing too much, they defaulted on their mortgages and could not continue making payments. This resulted in the collateral being the houses, often leading to auctioning or foreclosure. 

To cut down, many people have eliminated everyday things from their shopping lists. With the holiday season coming up, it may be even harder for people to spend money on gifts for their loved ones. Car sales are ending leases and going up because of it being harder to get exports. Even companies such as Apple have dropped production. Their product, the new and improved Iphone 3G will lessen production by about 40% in the next quarter according to analysts for Apple. Consequently, Apple’s stocks are down 40% from its level three months ago, according to an article found at MarketWatch.com.

We are also cutting down on spending on groceries, traveling, and energy. “Americans, perhaps more than other countries, have not been efficient users of energy and have been reluctant to eat more meals at home/shop at less than full service grocery stores, cut coupons,”says Assistant Professor of Economics at Elizabethtown College, Dr. Scheidling. “There is a great deal of evidence that consumers are doing these things.”

The future of the economy is yet to be determined. However, Dr. Scheidling says that economists have predicted that it will be in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2009 that the recession has ended.  “Firms are not sure when the demand will pick up, so they are cutting back on hiring people, “ said Dr. Paul. “Unless government spending picks up the slack, we are in for a long recession.”

To understand the nation’s economy and why it has ended up in such a terrible state, it is important to know about the region around you and what they might be facing. Businesses in the Elizabethtown area, such as Salon Bella, currently with a for lease sign outside its window and vacant inside are starting to feel the heat.  The Beef and Beef is another shop in town that has gone under because of economic troubles. As for the education expenses in the town of Elizabethtown,  “Spending on schools may take a hit,” said Sanjay. Colleges and schools have had less money coming in and more financial aid being given out. “As students and parents find themselves in more dire economic situations, the college is forced is forced to discount their tuition further (offer more financial aid) and/or transfer to less expensive public schools, this translates into less tuition value,” said Dr. Scheiding.

It all isn’t bad news for Elizabethtown shop owners though. Gringo’s, a new Mexican Grill on Market Street opened in the beginning of September seems to be doing fine. Memoirs, who sells gifts and flowers have moved and doubled their space. “Mars just made a huge commitment and completed a 75 million dollar expansion to downtown Elizabethtown and Masonic Village added over 120 apartments to their property recently as well,” according to Beth Wood Bergman, executive director of Elizabethtown Chamber of Commerce/Main Street. “Many people that are shopping today are looking for a relationship so that I say hello to you, they are looking for that customer service,” Bergman says. “It takes a lot to have a healthy environment in the downtown, but a lot of us have our own unique character and it comes from the visuals, the relationship experiences you have with other people, and the events we have created downtown.” “We’re here and I think we have a lot of good memories that have been created in downtown.”To check your county’s economy click on the link below and follow instructions

Community Economic Toolbox

To hear quotes from Executive Director of The Elizabethtown Chamber of Commerce/Main Street Beth Wood Bergman click on each of the links

Business Closures

Investments in E-town

The Amtrak Station


Reported by Heather L. Edmonds