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Abroad Range of Options for Blue Jays

View of the Study Abroad Fair from BSC second floor

Blue Jays flocked to the Brossman Student Commons to gather information on studying abroad.

Etown’s annual Study Abroad fair was Wednesday, September 25 in the BSC Concourse.

Representatives from Elizabethtown’s affiliated programs distributed information to students regarding the study abroad programs their companies offer.

Megan Bell is the advisor for the Elizabethtown study abroad program and an Etown College alumnus. She put a lot of effort into preparing the event, which ultimately paid off.

“Attendance was higher than last year,” Bell said. She was particularly excited about the large turnout of study abroad providers and eagerly pointed out the number of affiliated programs increased since the year prior.

Representatives from familiar affiliated programs BCA, SOL Education Abroad, CIS, KCP International, and ISA were at the Study Abroad fair. New partner programs, API and ISEP, also sent representatives this year.

The commissioners from each program were well-prepared to answer questions about going abroad, provided students with an arsenal of informational booklets, and were excited to share their own experiences.

“I have heard so many people said they regret not going abroad in college,” said Shannon Gillen, a representative from API. Gillen went abroad in college, and loved her experiences enough that she now works for API Abroad, where she can help students have the chance to change their worldview.

A group of Elizabethtown College students who have recently studied abroad will talk about their experiences and answer their peers’ questions about the application process, finances, and the available programs.

The student panel will take place in the Brinser lecture room at the Steinman Center on October 1, 2019.

Affiliated programs often provide students with financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

Elizabethtown College senior, James Dal Santo,  was awarded a scholarship from BCA Study Abroad. During the spring semester of his junior year, Dal Santo attended the University of Otago in Dunedin, NZ. He recommends students planning a semester abroad to “go for a reason – travel, meet new people, and expand your horizons.”

Elizabethtown College offers study abroad programs in 35 countries. This semester, the Office of Study Abroad added 14 more countries to the program list: Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Ghana,  Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Affiliated programs offer students the chance to select the duration of time they wish to stay abroad. Students may go abroad for a quarter term, semester, or a year. Certain programs take place during the May or January term.

Going abroad on faculty led programs allows students with busy schedules to go abroad for shorter periods of time.

The annual trip to Prague, sponsored by Etown’s business department, takes place over spring break.

Elizabethtown College is offering numerous trips abroad during May term of 2020. Faculty members will be taking groups of students to countries such as Ireland, China, Japan, and South Africa.

A group of Elizabethtown College students who have recently studied abroad will talk about their experiences and answer their peers’ questions about the application process, finances, and the available programs.

The student panel will take place in the Brinser lecture room in Steinman.

The deadline for applying to go abroad during the spring semester is October 15. Students can schedule one-on-one appointments with Megan Bell for more information regarding Elizabethtown’s study abroad programs, and attend the study abroad student panel on October 1, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

Humans of Etown 2017

Jordan Petersen and Christopher Tongel spoke with three members of the Elizabethtown College community. Information gathered from those interviews can be viewed below.


“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it” (Michael Jordan) “As college students we all go through rough patches and we have to just keep going! Personally, I hit rough patches it seems like every other week and just like the quote says, you have to find a way to manage.”
“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it” (Michael Jordan) “As college students we all go through rough patches and we have to just keep going! Personally, I hit rough patches it seems like every other week and just like the quote says, you have to find a way to manage.”


A transcript of the interview with Steve is below.

Steve: “Hi, my name is Steve and I am an English major, English literature concentration. I chos the major because I enjoyed the information and it somehow chose me in some respects. I just struggled with other disciplines and I found the most joy with English literature.”

Christopher: “And what do you plan to do with your English major?”

Steve: “You can teach, obviously go to other countries. You can go to law school. I even had an accounting job where I was writing up reports. So I think it’s about being open-minded. But most of the time an English major gets kind of a shroud put on them like you have to work for a newspaper, you have to be a teacher but it’s not always the case. It’s kind of what you make of it.”


A picture of Kelly.
A picture of Kelly.

We also interviewed Kelly Knorr. The podcast interview can be heard here. A transcript of the podcast interview is available below.

Kelly: “I’m a senior corporate Communications major and religious studies minor here at E-Town. My journey to E-Town started in about eighth-grade when I decided I wanted to go away for college. A lot of people from my hometown of Bloomsburg decide to go to the university that’s just 3 minutes away from most people’s houses and I knew that wasn’t what I wanted to do and it wasn’t for me. I started to look for colleges and at the time Shippensburg was my dream School. I had everything I thought I wanted in a school and I was so excited to visit there and when I went to visit Shippensburg, I hated it. It just wasn’t the right environment and then I continued my search and kind of stumbled upon Elizabethtown. I didn’t hear of it before. I was just searching around and I didn’t know anybody who want there, but the moment I stepped onto campus I fell in love. I knew that it was a place I wanted to be. It was the program for me. Looking at the communications program was just very exciting and meeting the faculty and staff really got me excited. It took a little bit of bargaining with my parents because of such a high price tag, but I absolutely knew that was a place I needed to go to school. Now that I’m finishing up my senior year looking at all the debt makes me a little nervous to figure out how I’m going to pay it all off, but I wouldn’t change my decision for anything I absolutely love that I chose Elizabethtown.”

Jordan and I would like to extend a special thank you to Jessica, Steve and Kelly.


No-Shave November

IMG_0708  IMG_0693  IMG_0695


IMG_0698 Jake Webber talks about why he is growing his beard out.

IMG_0706 Andrew Calnon talks about No-Shave November and cancer awareness.

IMG_0710 Jacob Hopkins talks about No-Shave November and cancer awareness.



Most people are not aware, but November is referred to as No-Shave November (link).  No-Shave November is a month-long event where males let their facial hair grow out for the entire month. It is also an organization that helps to grow cancer awareness and raise money for cancer prevention, research, and education.

How you can help

Unfortunately, many victims of cancer lose their hair during their treatments. No-Shave November is designed to celebrate and embrace the hair that we do have by letting it grow.

Most people donate to the cause by skipping their various grooming appointments for the month of November and by not purchasing grooming supplies. They then take the money that they would have spent on grooming and donate it to cancer foundations. “I think No-Shave November is a great idea to help promote cancer awareness,” said Jonathan Fuiman. Evan Hinkley added, “I think it’s a great reminder and promoter of cancer awareness.”

Where does the money go?

The 2015 No-Shave November campaign is benefiting the American Cancer Society, Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

When can we start?

Most men begin to participate in No-Shave November while in high school because this is when most men begin to grow facial hair. “I first heard about No-Shave November from a friend in high school,” said Nicholas Christie. Then they continue to participate while in college because it takes some men a longer period of time to grow facial hair since that’s how their body develops. “I participated in No-Shave November last year and my beard looked terrible,” said Christie.

Rules for No-Shave November 

There are some rules for No-Shave November. First, there is no shaving for 30 days. Second, donate monthly hair-maintenance hair expenses to the cause. Third, the trimming of facial hair is allowed if you need to look professional for a job position or an internship. “If a job or internship interview were to occur this month, I would have no qualms about shaving and trimming my face to make myself look clean and professional,” said Hinkley.

Types of facial hair

There are many types of facial hair styles that men choose to shape their beards into. Some examples are:

1. Fu Manchu: a thin moustache that grows down from the upper lip and past the chin, then stops.

2. Goatee: hair on the lower jaw that covers only the chin.

3. Handlebar moustache: a moustache with ends grown out longer than usual and curved to form a handlebar shape.

4. Neckbeard: beard that is protruding from only the neck.

5. Muttonchops: sideburns that are grown longer toward the chin.

6. Sol patch: hair that is grown directly below the bottom lip but above the chin.

These are just a few of the more popular designs, but there are many more styles to choose from. Some men cannot grow a beard or are annoyed by the feeling of having one. “I could never get past the itchy phase of my beard,” said Fuiman. Even though they cannot participate, they can still contribute by donating to this great cause.

No-Shave November only comes once a year, so if you did not participate this time around and wish to in the future, the next one is only 11 months away!

A New Coach Brings New Life: E-town High School Men’s Lacrosse

E-town High School Men’s Lacrosse News Package Link

E-town Men’s Lacrosse News Package

 The Elizabethtown High School men’s lacrosse team has a new coach leading them into battle this year.

Allen Shissler has be calling the plays for The bears as they progress through the 2015 season. The Bears are currently five and six heading into the final stretch, however injuries have been the headlines for this squad.

“Right now its injuries. We have right now one senior out with a a-c-l, another senior out with a concussion, and another senior out with a heal problem, and then another starter out with a hamstring now. So that’s four out with injuries, the one with the a-c-l was a potential All-American.”

This had been a learning year for the bears as a new coach means a new system.

“The off-season was a little bit difficult; I wasn’t able to do what I needed to do in the off-season to get us prepared but the plays and everything we kind of kept from last year and just transitioning slowly making it more mine but at the same time keeping a little bit of the old.”

Talking to a Senior Captain on the team, I was able to get a sense of what he thinks their biggest challenges are thus far.

“It’s a new challenge because we have to adapt to the new coaching style and I think it’s working out really well for everyone. Its just pretty much like a whole new team.”

“The E-town High School Men’s Lacrosse Team have been facing much adversity this season. But with the ideas of a new young coach, the plan is too revitalize this E-town Bear’s team into a powerhouse they strive to become. Reporting for Wetown, I’m Jason Kelley.”

The Artspress


Art and coffee has been said to be a good mix, and that can be found right here in Elizabethtown.WeTown reporter, Corey Aspril, has more on the Artspress in the Elizabethtown community.

Artpress, located on main street of Elizabethtown, is a place where coffee and creativity can be found. It has been around the around for about two years and has done many of things for the community. From making coffee, to having art lessons to help people advance in their artwork from a twenty five year vision. Jeneva, the owner of arts press tells us more.

Jeneva Augelle: “I do a lot of volunteer work. Also do art classes, we do paint your own ceramics.”

Artspress is not only the company name, but an action to the company. It means that the company wants one to express themselves through art.The art is displayed all over the building creating a gallery for many to view others artwork.Things such as paintings and pottery are present to see around the gallery.

Jeneva Augelle: “I actually teach it all, trough perspective, trough The individual perspective. Not through any other way, I use mirrors, I use plexy glass, I uses variety of tools. All kinds of thing to get people to know their own perspective. Every class is different, everyone is different. It’s treated uniquely like that. Which hopefully will get the person to understand, and to be able to express themselves in a creative way.”

The Artspress serves over ten different flavors of coffee that are organic fair trade brews that they want to serve to people. The studio offers wellness activities for the community as well such as yoga and reiki to get people to keep healthy. It is also used as a venue for more local artists to collaborate and share art with one another. The Artspress even offers art lessons for people to take so that they can improve on their art to express themselves more.

From Serving coffee to teaching art lessons, the Artspress has done many things for the community. Reporting for Wetown, i’m Corey Aspril.