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Winter Weather in Elizabethtown

A snow day can mean many things to different people. For working adults, it means having to consider if conditions are safe enough for them to try and make it to work, or if they need to take a day for the sake of staying home with children. For those students high school-aged and younger it means a day that they don’t have to go to school and can stay home and play in the snow. College students get to wait with bated breath for the email that notifies them if the campus will be closed or not.

If the schools close and parents need to stay home with their children, the thought arises of: “but what will we do with the day?” Depending on different situations there are different ways to occupy one’s time on a snow day. Parents with young children who get to stay home from school have the opportunity to bundle their little ones up and send them outside to play in the white blanket that covers our little town. They can also attempt to set them down with a movie or TV show to while away the hours.

Students in high school can do much of the same thing, bundle up to go outside or stay inside with video games and Netflix—though the latter is much more likely if they don’t have a mode of transportation or desire to be outside.

Courtney Schwanger, 20, is a resident of Elizabethtown. When asked what she and her friends did during snow days she responded immediately with, “We always take the trucks out and go play.” When asked to elaborate she went on to explain that she and her friends would take their 4-wheel drive trucks out and go for drives around the area in the snow.

High Library in the snow
High Library in the snow

Students at Elizabethtown College could have a different experience with a snow day—depending on if the campus is closed or just delayed. In the event of a delay, only a section of the morning classes cancel. Even if the campus closes, students may receive emails from their professors with assignments to complete in place of meeting as a class.

“On snow days I usually mingle in the lobby playing games with people,” Tyler Gamble, 21, a student at E-town College told WeTown.

A walk around campus will also reveal other things that students are up to on a snowy day. There will be a few snowmen scattered around the College grounds. They vary in height and appearance, ranging from two to four feet tall—though one in recent times has been at least five or six feet tall! With little in the way of decorations, students have used candy, sticks and nut shells to give their snow-people facial features.

Myer snowman
A snowman built by students outside of the Myer resident building

Rachel Szivos, 19, a student at Millersville University shared that where she lives in E-town is at the bottom of a hill and with a car that doesn’t do well in the snow she often becomes “trapped” in her own home. “If it’s during the semester I get school work done. Otherwise I usually just relax and take advantage of the day off.”

Whether Blue Jay, Marauder or resident of E-town there are many possibilities for things to do on a snow day. From staying inside to watch Netflix, play games or catch up on school work to going outside to build snow-people, take a drive or take pictures, there is no shortage of things to do. With little time left until March 20—the first official day of spring—we may be in for more snow and more opportunities for a snow day.

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Ladies Night Out; Every Third Friday in Building Character, Downtown Lancaster

Imagine music, wine, massages, pastry and shopping, if any of that sounds appealing, come to the heart of downtown Lancaster to explore Building Character.

After a busy, stressful week spent in the classroom and the library, everyone looks forward to the weekend. Some students want to relax while others want to party. For students who to escape from school for a little bit and experience something different and special, downtown Lancaster, a 28-minute drive from the Elizabethtown College, will be an ideal place for college students. The city of art brings a new type of excitement and an inspiring experience where students don’t necessarily have to spend money to enjoy all the luxuries “Ladies Night Out“ has to offer.

Introducing “Ladies Night Out”

“Ladies Night Out,” a new monthly event, takes place at Building Character every third Friday from 7pm to 9pm. In addition to the famous monthly art event, “First Friday”, here is another late night event that happens in this wondrous city. Entering the door of Building Character visitors can already see groups of musicians playing live music. Upon their arrival, visitors can begin a relaxing night from the free five-minute chair massages. Next for the visitors, is some free wine tasting by Uncle Ted’s Family Flavors. Also, one can let their taste bud run wild with free pastry samples from Sweet Petunia Bakeshop.
Christina Ohmer, the owner of the Sweet Petunia Bakeshop, sells a variety of sweets, including cookies, cakes, cupcakes, scones, brownies and pies in Building Character. Sweet Petunia Bakeshop will take in any special order from customers for any type of occasions.

What is Building Character?

Building Character, located on 342 Queen Street, is a 10,000-square-foot historic warehouse in Lancaster. It is home to more than 30 vendors. Many of these vendors own a variety of stores. Shoppers can find art, unique vintage or gently used fashionable clothing, handmade jewelry and metal crafts, antiques, custom greeting cards and handcrafted ornaments throughout the stores. Additionally, while shopping at Building Character, shoppers are actually supporting the idea of being eco-friendly because a lot of the handmade items that people create apply green practices and recycling methods. For instance, B.B. Bellezza is a jewelry store where the owner assembles up cycled pieces, such as scrabble tiles and hardware to make jewelry. Shopper can also find dolls that made out of recycled clothing or coasters, magnets and hair accessories that made out of discarded ceramic tiles.

Building Character is a good place to shop for unique gifts, especially during the holiday season. Shoppers can find one-of-a-kind hand-painted oil burning vessels at Lancaster Lamps. Personalized handmade greeting cards with original art and prints by Diana Thomas Studio from Artsy Girl and custom-designed goose egg jewelry boxes, and ornaments from Eggs-actly Right Gifts. At White Elephant, there are eclectic art, collectibles, jewelry and antiques from all over the world offer shoppers to find some global gifts.


Not only is Building Character a good place for some personalized gifts, but it is also heaven for Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) lovers. Many storeowners hand make their products and are creative artists who show their original art and talent on their products. Creative artists include Kate Maloney, owner of Shiny Tings, who creates products from mirrors, lights and other decorative items from new and found objects. Shoppers can find handmade handbags with high quality fabrics and accessories at Designs by Rachel Lynn. Crazy Little Studio is another handmade and painted polymer jewelry store; similarly, shoppers can find handmade hammered copper jewelry and accessories at Crystals, Stones & Wire. Every store has its unique little secret to attract visitors to shop.

A taste of history – discover the vintage store

Since Building Character is originally a historic warehouse, shoppers will also discover classic items from fashionable vintage clothing shops. Cheap Frills provides hand-selected gently used clothing, shoes and accessories from Talbots to Lily Pulitzer. Likewise, shoppers can find jewelry, purses and fashion accessories, along with handpicked vintage treasures from Martha Mae. The most special vintage clothing store is Smilin’ Gal where the owner, Kris Spader, offers vintage fashions, including clothing, accessories and purses, from the 1940s to 1970s. Not only are there vintage clothing but Building Character also offers vintage furniture including; tables, chairs, drawers, and door handles. Customers can surely find something that fits their style.

Building Character has a variety of activities and products that will satisfy visitors, whether the visitors are on a budget or not. Visitors have the choice of eating pastry, drinking wine samples, enjoying massages and shopping. Moreover, there are always surprises in different corners of this historic, mysterious warehouse. Locals never know what they can find from their creative neighbors. It is an opportunity to discover antiques from all over the world in various time periods for a reasonable cost. Now is the time to save the next third Friday and make a trip to downtown Lancaster to experience a special night at the “Ladies Night Out.”

Legends of the Hidden Temple

This past Friday, OSA hosted Legends of the Hidden Temple in Thompson Gymnasium. The event was a replica of the original game show that aired on Nickelodeon in 1993. It ran for three seasons before being cancelled. Many of the contestants that signed up for this event had fond memories of watching the game show when they were younger.

The show started out with 20 teams competing in the preliminary round. They all ran through a giant blowup obstacle course. They competed to get the best time. The six teams that had the best time moved on, but the others were eliminated.
The teams that made it to the first round were: Alyssa Korn and Noel Reyes, Martin Harnish and Paige Service, Zack Schmidt and Emily Reigart, Paul Brenner and Chris Ramos, Kyle Brock and Lauren Duffy, and Ryan Stadel and Zach Foster. These six teams made it to the first round of the game, the moat.

The Moat
The moat round took place at the Thompson Pool. Each team chose a partner to jump in and the other partner stayed on the side of the pool to cheer. There were several rubber ducks floating around the pool that each had a different shape and color. On the underside of the ducks were letters. The teams had to catch each duck and find the right letters to spell their designated word.
The crowd cheered the teams on as they swam around frantically looking for the right letters to spell their words. Only four of the teams could make it to the next round, though, and two of the teams fell short. Making it to the next round were: Schmidt and Reigart, Brenner and Ramos, Brock and Duffy, and Stadel and Foster.

Steps of Knowledge
For the second round everyone moved into the Thompson Gymnasium. In this round the four teams chose a player to answer questions on the steps of knowledge. The teams were read a passage, and then at the end asked questions from the passage. When the question was read, the contestant was instructed to step on a balloon to signal that he or she knew the answer. After the first question was read each contestant stepped on his or her balloon at the same time, and there was a huge blast throughout the gym that made the crowd jump. Each excited contestant yelled out answers as quickly as he or she could and each of the partners yelled on the sidelines to help them with the answers. Two teams had to be eliminated in this round as well, and the two successful teams: Brock and Duffy, and Stadel and Foster moved on.

Temple Games
The third round was Temple games. There were three challenges in this third round. The team’s first challenge was to be the first to knock over two two-liter bottles with a tennis ball. Each teammate threw vigorously as the other teammate recovered the ball. Duffy was the thrower for her team, and she successfully knocked over both bottles first. The next challenge was a collecting game. The teams ran frantically throughout the Thompson hallways in search of Easter eggs. Each Easter egg had a letter in it. When the teams had found all of their eggs, they were put together to spell out the word, Omec. Stadel and Foster won this challenge, so it was neck-and-neck for the last part of the round, a memory game.
The memory game was a real nail biter. The teams ran back and forth between two boards flipping over cards and trying to remember which matched up with which. When it came to the final time count, Stadel and Foster beat Duffy and Brock by just a few seconds.

Temple Run
Duffy and Brock collected their consolation prize, dish soap, and took a seat to see if Stadel and Foster could complete the final round, the Temple Run, to take the grand prize. For the temple run, the team had to complete a series of challenges, all while avoiding the Temple Guards. The Temple Guards could get in their way at any time. Stadel and Foster fought their way through the temple vigorously and won a glorious victory. Their prize was a movie pack including tickets to MoviEtown, popcorn, starbursts, and a six- pack of Coke.

Victory for Stadel and Foster
When asked about his victory Stadel said, “It was a great night, a great activity, and a great competition, and we were really hoping that the final prize was a trip to Disney World but a 6 pack of Coca-Cola was fine.” Foster also agreed that the night was fun. He commented, “I enjoyed the game a lot because it was different from anything else.”
The event was a new event that had never been done by OSA. The student body that came out was enthusiastic about it, and the staff of OSA says there is a possibility that they might just bring it back again in future years.