Elizabethtown College Diversity Podcast Episode 3

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Your are tuning into Elizabethtown College’s Diversity Podcast! This is the third and FINAL episode of this podcast series. This week features two students that are members of the college campus’ LGBTQ community.


A special thank you for all student, staff and faculty participants. I really appreciate all of your help and input.


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Humans of Etown Story #3- Kristin Halliday

Interviewer: What is your name?

Kristin: Kristin Halliday

I: Where are you from?

K: Florida

I: What is your major?


I:Why did you choose to come to E-town?

K: I chose to come to E-town because I was looking for a small school in the north cuz I’m not a big fan of the florida heat and E-town was just the best fit for me.

I:Why’d you choose your major?

K:I’ve always been interested in Japanese and the culture and the pop culture.

I:Thank you


Humans of Etown (Story 3) – Brice Ryschon


Listen to Brice’s Interview here:


(Colin): “So what is your biggest struggle right now?”

(Brice): “I’d have to say my biggest struggle is time management because I have so much stuff to do with my Junior work, I have a lot of homework to do, a lot of projects and presentations that I have to do. I also have two jobs here on campus, one of them is a student patrol officer for campus security, as well as being a Jay Walker for the Admissions Office, and so it’s just like I have so much to do and I’m also a drag queen on top of all of that so I have people who are asking me to come to these gigs, and all that kind of stuff, going to clubs and all that kind of stuff, so I had my first gig on Wednesday night, so it was a lot a lot of fun but just a lot of work to do.”

(Colin): “Alright cool, uh thank you!”

(Brice): “Oh that’s everything?”

(Michael): “There’s another question there Colin.”

(Colin): “And then, uh, how have you been enjoying your college experience?”

(Brice): “I’ve been loving my college experience, here at Etown. It’s just been very very interesting seeing how everything has been, um, what’s the word I want to think of, um… Coming about, I’m not sure how else to explain them, because there’s just been a lot of different things that have been occurring here on this campus, um that have really helped me grow as a person. Um, the people I’ve met, the events that have occurred, just everything on this campus has just changed me as a person, so I’ve really enjoyed the experience.”

(Colin): “Okay, thank you.”

(Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania)

Michael Wong & Colin Friel