ASL Emotion Dance

Senior Kelly Kleindienst is no stranger to choreographing for Emotion. She has been creating dances for the showcases since her freshmen year.  She has choreographed five different dances all ranging various styles including a Bollywood Indian dance.

This semester Kleindienst is choreographing to Tim McGraw’s Humble and Kind. Instead of using just dance moves, she is using American Sign Language to sign the lyrics of the song.

I have a cousin who is deaf and I thought there was nothing more humble and kind than being inclusive to all those to experience music.

The song starts with all sixteen of the dancers dancing. As it continues they break off two by two to sign the song. All of the dancers in Humble and Kind are hearing students but were eager to learn sign language.

While Elizabethtown College doesn’t have a large deaf population, it does pride itself on being inclusive to all groups and broadening students’ cultural understanding. The College has recently added an ASL class to count towards students’ language requirement. The course is taught by Karen Conrad, a member of the Deaf Community.

For me, I’m very excited to see it. I think it’s a wonderful idea for the college.

If you’re interested in seeing Humble and Kind or any of the other Emotion dances, the Emotion Showcase is December 9 and 10 at 8 P-M. in Leffler Chapel.

For ECTV-40, I’m Michaela Fetterolf reminding you to always stay humble and kind.

Pokémon Go Goes Goodbye

Christian Villarosa: Elizabethtown College is filled with students who use their phones every day. On them, many play a variety of apps. One of these apps is called Pokémon Go. In it, you collect a variety of monsters, becoming trainers by making them stronger. The game, released this summer, was very popular from the beginning. Players would travel in real life to find monsters. Along the way, certain landmarks, called PokéStops, would give players items. Some of these stops include the High Library and the Fighting Blue Jay. The game was enjoyed by many.

Cody Aspril: Pokémon Go was a completely different game. You could just roam around and everything. No other game was like that and they also added in Pokémon.

Villarosa: But when the summer ended, many switched to playing Pokémon again on its usual handheld.

Lucas Klimuszka: It was designed and released for the masses and the problem with that is they didn’t put much effort into it. It released very bare bones, and that kind of took away from the experience its self.

Villarosa: Now parks, such as this one, are just filled with real Pokémon. Not a single trainer can be found in site. Many quit the game for different reasons.

Tara Siano: I felt like there was bad communication between the people running the game and me. They didn’t have a person in charge of community outreach, and so they’d make changes, and then not tell me why, and that was frustrating.

Villarosa: Trainers not just in Elizabethtown have stopped their adventures. But, trainers all across the United States, and across the world have put the game down. Maybe we will see the game rise in popularity once again, when Pokémon Sun and Moon release for the Nintendo 3DS in November. For ECTV 40, I’m Christian Villarosa

A Change In College Residential Policy


Elizabethtown College recently updated their housing policy to allow for non-gender specific housing.

The Quads, located on the edge of campus house only upperclassmen. Normally, the quads house four same-sex students. This year Quad C2 has two girls and three boys, a contrast from previous years. Senior Connor Burke see’s no differences in his new living situation.

BURKE: “Well I have an older sister at home, so I was used to living with her. This happened and I was like ‘okay, it’s another girl.’”

The group even took their new living situation further by having one giant bedroom and one office. So far, Juliana Krampf is enjoying her large living situation.

KRAMPF: “At first I was like ‘how is this going to work?’ but its actually been really good so far. It’s like, we’ve just been having fun. Like it’s a slumber party we were saying. It’s like a slumber party every night. So it’s fun.”

RA to the Quads Kevin Tacchino believes gender is not a factor when sharing a space with someone.

TACCHINO: “Being a good roommate is all, it’s just about looking out for your fellow roommates and trying to put their needs ahead of yours. If everyone is doing that and everyone is invested I don’t think the fact that a guy and a girl are living together is going to make much of a difference.”

These are just some of the changes that E-Town has made to make the school a more inclusive place. For ECTV 40, I’m Mattie Sweet.