The beginning of a band

By Katie Lock and Lily Doerschuk

(Music fades in)

Jax: I’m Jax and this is Frankie. We both play guitar. We’ve been playing ever since we were young. We met each other at college and started playing from there with other people. Nick, I don’t know who else…

Frankie: Nick Delise, Parker Tribble, and that’s about it right now. We’re hoping in the near future to hopefully perform in like a basement gig or some small venue to get exposure and just start playing more often. But we’re at the beginning stages right now I would say and we’re hoping to expand in the near future.

(Music fades out)

Scott Tevis: Theater, “Romeo and Juliet”

By Cas Stence and Kaity Chambers

The video interview conducted with Scott Tevis.

Scott Tevis is a junior computer engineering major at Elizabethtown College. In his three years here at Elizabethtown, he has been very involved with the theater program. Below is a transcript of the video.

Q. So tell us a little bit about your experiences with theater at Elizabethtown College.

Scott: So I was in the theater since freshman year. Here, I was in two shows for that. I was in one show last year and I’ve been in one show this semester this year. Which was “Romeo and Juliet”. It was really to cool to see what they would do because they did a post-apocalyptic themed. Which is something no one’s really thought to do for “Romeo and Juliet” given it’s taken in Italy.

But it was a really cool concept. It was really fun to meet all the people there and I helped out with their other little project for the theater which was called “Shorts Fest”. A bunch of students wrote short plays to have on stage and I ran the soundboard for those shows. It was really cool. And overall, it’s a super fun thing and I hope everyone can enjoy it by either being in it or getting to see some shows at Etown or just anywhere.

Makenna Piper: I Want To Help People

Makenna Piper is a sophomore dual major in English and social work. She is originally from Greencastle, Pennsylvania. Before moving there, however, she grew up in a tiny town with under 200 people in it and described its locale as being “in the middle of nowhere.” She also comes from a big family with four biological siblings and two step-siblings, totaling out in six siblings altogether. 

She was homeschooled up through sixth grade and went to middle school one year in seventh grade. After seventh grade, her parents split and she proceeded to take another year of homeschooling. For high school, she did attend a public high school but described it was not the best time for her. 

“High school was never a good environment for me. I didn’t really fit in, I didn’t talk a lot. I didn’t really make a lot of friends,” Makenna explained. 

However, her narrative took a turn for the better upon transitioning into college, “I really like Etown. I think it’s a good school for me. I’m happy with my majors and everything.” 

She also enjoys the small campus lifestyle that comes along with Elizabethtown College To her, the campus is perfect to go on walks and to go skateboarding. 

Makenna expressed her feeling of gratification when it came to defying expectations. Her “all-black” appearance she believes contrasts one of her favorite hobbies: knitting. People are surprised by the discrepancies between her image and her likes. She doesn’t like to be pinned down to just one trait. 

“I don’t fit exactly into one category of person,” Makenna said while trying to explain the facets of her own personality, “Like, I look like the gay emo person- and that’s true. But then there’s the stuff that isn’t immediately evident…like I’m a nerd. I’m part old-lady, part nerd, part-emo. It’s a weird mix.” 

Makenna in her self-described “bi pose”.

When it comes to her future, she wants a career in helping people. This was a purpose that she did not initially find and had to spend some time searching for it. Currently, she believes that her calling is to make small improvements to everyone’s lives.

Even now, she tries to help people whenever she can by offering rides or buying them food. Sometimes, Makenna thinks that people might take advantage of her kindness and generosity, but this still doesn’t stop her.

She desires to help people however she can. This motivating and driving force is one of the things that led her to major in social work. Her calling is simple: make a meaningful impact on other people’s lives. 

Blue Jays Fly Together

Collin McGovern (left) and Mike Garvey (right) Celebrate Landmark Championship

Elizabethtown, Pa. – Collin McGovern is a fifth year engineering major and former baseball player here at Elizabethtown College. He is a great roommate, friend and inspiration to everyone that has gotten the pleasure to know him. Collin is the type of person that stays positive in any difficult circumstances life throws at him.

Collin played baseball for the Blue Jays his Freshman and Sophomore year. He was a talented right handed pitcher that predominantly got his appearances out of the bullpen. Collin was a hard working player that had a love for the game. “I’ve been playing baseball my whole life and I could not see myself not being around the game,” Collin said.

During his season Freshman year, Collin got a rare illness called Ataxia. It is a virus in the brain that impaired his motor skills and speech. “It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to go through,” Collin said. 

It ended his baseball career and paused his academic career at school. It was tough for the entire team to see one of their teammates struggling. He was missed on and off the field as a friend and player.

He had to leave school to rehabilitate. “I was at Hershey Rehabilitation Center for a while going to speech and physical therapy,” Collin said. “The guys on the team visited all the time, brought me get well gifts and filled me in on what was going on.”

Collin eventually moved back home and got to do his therapy from there. He had to stay home from school the following year. However, he came to almost every baseball game to support his teammates throughout the entire season.

“I couldn’t get through it without my friends and family. The team and my love for the game is what got me through. They kept me looking forward, Collin said.”

The entire baseball team wrote “#CM28” on all of their gear in honor of their teammate. They all played in honor of him because of how hard he worked to get back to school. Everyone was inspired with how he handled what life threw at him. He never gave up and stayed positive.

The Blue Jays went on to win their first ever Landmark Championship Collin’s sophomore year. He was there at the championship game at Gallaudet University cheering on his teammates. It was a magical season carried by inspiration.

Collin brought the Blue Jays to play at a higher level. They kept hope no matter what circumstance they were faced. Whenever they were staring failure in the face they persevered. The Jays had numerous walk off winners and come from behind victories.

Collin was able to return to Elizabethtown, what would have been his Junior year, to continue his academic career. He plans on graduating this spring. His return was dramatic and loved by so many. It makes you think about how important the little things in life are.

Grace Childs: Hardworking, Dedicated and Right Where She is Supposed to Be

Grace Childs smiles in front of a Christmas tree in Ober hall.

Grace Childs grew up in Orange, Vermont, and was taught at a young age the importance of getting a good education. When she began looking at colleges she knew she had to find the perfect school that would meet her academic and social needs. She also wanted to find a college with a well-accredited chemistry department because she wanted to major in chemistry. During her junior year of high school, she toured Elizabethtown College with her parents and immediately fell in love.

A Home Away From Home

Childs chose Elizabethtown College because she really liked the chemistry professors, she enjoyed the community vibe of the college and she liked that it checked off a lot of her boxes of what she wanted in a college. Additionally, she was thankful that she was able to leave Vermont and explore a new state. She said it was a bonus that Elizabethtown’s school colors are the same as her high school’s colors because it reminds her of home.

Childs, like most incoming freshmen, had a bit of a rough start as she learned how to adjust to a new state and make new friends. Luckily, she met a lot of her best friends through her FYS class and was able to navigate the college quickly because it is a small campus.

Childs is currently a sophomore and works as a peer mentor when she is not studying for her rigorous science classes. Childs said that her favorite memories at Elizabethtown College have been June peer mentor orientation and last spring’s chemistry department picnic. She loved June peer mentor orientation because she spent a whole week bonding with the other peer mentors through activities like outdoor laser tag and capture the flag. She also loved the chemistry department picnic because she was able to take a break from classes and play volleyball and canjam with her peers and professors.

The peer mentoring program and the chemistry department have really played a key role in making Elizabethtown College feel like home to Childs. She said the people in the peer mentoring program and the professors in the chemistry department are all so helpful, caring and accepting that it makes her feel right at home.

College Aspirations

Childs is even more committed to her academics than she was when she was young. For example, she plans on expanding her education by studying abroad in New Zealand next spring. She wants to study abroad in New Zealand because they have a great chemistry program. Furthermore, she has always wanted to experience New Zealand’s unique culture and wants to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Childs will be ecstatic if she is able to accomplish her goal of studying abroad before graduation because it is something she is very passionate about. It’s hard for her to believe that her first two years of college are almost over, but Childs plans on jumping at every opportunity that comes her way. By the time she graduates, she hopes to be the best version of herself and have made a positive impact within the Blue Jay community.

Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Citizen Journalism