Etown Fire Department Offers Rewarding Live-In Program

The Friendship Fire & Hose Company Number 1, located in the heart of Elizabethtown, has been helping to protect the community for years.  What people don’t realize is that they also offer an exciting opportunity for individuals over 18 years of age. Anyone that meets the age requirement is eligible to participate in the station’s Live-In program which allows volunteer fire fighters free living quarters at the fire station. Participants in the program simply must take part in classes and training while living at the station.

The video below gives an inside look at some of the station’s facilities while talking to some current member who are taking advantage of the programs offerings.

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Reported by Benjamin Brewer Elizabethtown College

Trop Gun Shop Sales Rise Post Election

Trop Gun Shop, On Cloverleaf Road in Elizabethtown is Lancaster’s primary gun seller, so it is not unusual for them to have a busy day. Recently, the days after the election have been busier for employees at the shop. What has caused the influx in purchasing of guns? Could it be the regular hunting season rush, or is it nervousness due to comments made by President elect Barack Obama, months ago. Heather Edmonds sat down with Trop manager Bob Evans to see what he thinks.

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Reported by Heather L. Edmonds

Holiday Craft Show at Winters Heritage House

The Winters Heritage House museum, located on 47 East High Street in Eizabethtown, Pa, is a museum of Eizabethtown history. The Heritage House has history programs, historical walking tours, a library and resource center to research family and local history, and holds educational programs and classes. During the first week of December the Heritage House will host their 18th annual holiday craft show.

Kirk Reese, a current professor at Messiah College, grew up in Elizabethtown and still stays connected with the community through the Heritage House. “Myself and my brother will be playing music live at the craftshow opening on the third. We are professional jazz/classical musicians, both of us grew up in Etown. Though I (now) live an hour away, it is always a joy to return to Etown, and the Heritage House is among my favorite places in the town,” said Reese.

Reese has been involved with the Heritage House craft show since about 2000. His wife, Kim, was the museum dosent from 2000-2003.

In the video below, the executive director of the Heritage House, Lori Donofrio-Galley, talks more about the holiday craft show and everything it has to offer the citizens of Elizabethtown.

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For more information on the holiday craft show, or to check out what programs the museum has to offer, contact the Heritage House at 717-367-4672 or send them an email at


reported by: Megan Angstadt, Elizabethtown College

Teen Book Sensation Makes Film Debut

     Vampires, shape-shifters and werewolves, oh my!  All three spooky specimens can be found in the wildly popular pages of Stephenie Meyer’s four-book saga.  The first book of the series, Twilight, is set to hit movie theaters across America on Friday, Nov. 21.

     The Twilight saga takes place in the small town of Forks, Washington.  The books star Bella Swan, an awkward 17-year-old who has recently moved to Forks to live with her father, and Edward Cullen, a vampire posing as a student.  Edward and Bella cross paths in class and quickly strike up a relationship with its fair share of struggles, horror and romance.  Also featured are Edward’s six-member quirky vampire family, and Bella’s best friend-turned werewolf, Jacob.

     Not immune from the Twilight craze, the Elizabethtown Public Library is holding a pre-movie event for teen fans from 3-5 p.m.  Paula Sherick, Youth Coordinator at the E-town Public Library, is hosting the Twilight themed party on Friday the 21st.  The party, which is scheduled to have 26 attendees, will consist of trivia games, book discussions, a werewolf game, an apple pinata, and sampling of all-red foods.  “I’m really excited about it, and I know the kids are too,” Sherick said.

      Meyer’s book series has caught the attention and hearts of many young readers across the world. Many of these highly devoted fans are female because of the romantic content and the dreamy descriptions of Edward, but the movie promises to hold its fair share of action to indulge the male audience members. Though the audience demographics are not as vast as J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, another incredibly popular book-turned movie series, it is still highly anticipated.  Also in common with Harry Potter is Twilight’s release date.  November 21st was the date that the 6th Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, was set to debut.  Post-production problems pushed Harry Potter back to July giving Twilight the open spot.

     It is still uncertain how large of an audience Twilight will have, but people in the cinema business are remaining hopeful.  “I hope it will be a successful opening weekend for Twilight,” Sharon Taylor, District Manager of Cinema Center in Palmyra said.  Whether you have read the book or not, Twilight is sure to entertain.


Reported by: Jamie Smith 

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Holiday Train Display at Etown Public Library

Holiday Train Show Returns to Elizabethtown Public Library

The Train Guys of Elizabethtown and the Elizabethtown Public Library are pleased to announce the schedule for 2008’s Holiday Train Display. The Library Train Display will be open to the public in December, 2008 on Tuesdays (December 9, 16, and 23) and Thursdays (December 11, and 18) from 6pm- 8pm and on Saturdays (December 6, 13, and 20) from 10am-2pm. People of all ages are invited to come and experience the joy of the holidays and the fascination of trains at Elizabethtown Public Library during the month of December.

The Train Guys run the Holiday Train Display for the fun of it, to see delight in the eyes of children, and to benefit Elizabethtown Public Library. Each entrant is asked to give a minimum donation of $1.00. All proceeds will benefit Elizabethtown Public Library.

The Train Display will also be open for special hours on Tuesday, December 30 from 6pm- 8pm. In honor of Elizabethtown’s New Year’s Eve celebration: Let Etown Ring!, the Display will again be open on Wednesday, December 31 from 4pm- 7pm. In addition, private showings of the Holiday Train Display may be scheduled at $30 minimum donation for one half hour for birthday parties or something special for the family or small group. Showing times are based on Library hours and the availability of Train Guys to run the show. Anyone interested in scheduling a private showing may contact Craig Coble at 367-4731.

While attending the display, participants should feel free to enjoy the other aspects of Elizabethtown Public Library. The Elizabethtown Coffee Company, a department of the Library, offers a variety of hot beverages and toasty pastries to cure the winter chill. Customers can also enjoy their treats while browsing the Library’s collection or visiting the bookstore for the perfect holiday gift.

The Holiday Train Display will be held at Elizabethtown Public Library, 10 S. Market Street (near the square) in Elizabethtown. Parking is available behind the Library, off of High Street, as well as on street parking in front of the Library and in various local municipal lots. Registration is not required for this event however, as said before, a $1 donation per entrant is necessary for admission. For more information, visit or contact Elizabethtown Public Library at (717) 367-7467 or

Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Citizen Journalism