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The Milton Hershey School Plans Centennial Celebration

A celebration is in the making!

In 1909, Milton Hershey and his wife started a school to house and teach children.  After passing many students through its gates and adjusting to the changes of the times, the Milton Hershey School will be celebrating its centennial.  With many projects currently underway, including the publishing of two children’s books by native author Carol Smalley, many are anticipating the year ahead.

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Reported by Jennifer L. Tarr

Local Landmark to be Preserved

Rich in history and agricultural pride The Star Barn, a 136-year-old Central Pennsylvania landmark, is on a path toward preservation.  The barn and its complementrary buildings, which consist of a carriage house/corn crib, pig barn, and a chicken coop , have been sitting vacant for the past 37 years.  Agrarian Country, a non-profit organization which focuses on preserving historical structures and agricultural education, bought the Star Barn complex in 2007.

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The act of dismantling, moving and raising The Star Barn and its complementary buildings is sure to be a costly endeavour.  That doesn’t count the other costs that it will entail to establish the actual Agrarian Country site. Because of this, Agrarian Country has set up several ways that interested patrons can contribute to thier cause.  Interested supporters can become Agrarian Country members, donate to the Land Preservation Fund, or contribute to The Star Barn Restoration Fund. 

People interested in helping The Star Barn cause in a non-financial way can also volunteer to help raise the barn after it reaches its new site in Grantville.

For more information about how you can contribute visit The Star Barn’s website at or through email at


The Star Barn: A Historical Perspective

Agrarian Country is very proud of the history that is locked within the walls of The Star Barn.  Even before they took ownership, the importance of preserving it and noting its historical significance was taken on by groups such as Preservation Pennsylvania and the Millport Conservancy.  In 1999 The Star Barn was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Star Barn was built in a time before the telephone, electric light, phonograph and Custer’s famous Battle of Little Big Horn in Montana. There were only 39 million people living on this earth and the idea of using a light bulb was brand new.  After 136 years of changes, The Star Barn is still standing.  In honor of its heritage, The Star Barn will be raised like it originally was in 1872, using oxen, horses and gin poles, when it reaches its new home. Though the inside of The Star Barn will change to make it a fully functioning public building, the outside will stay the same. 

Information about The Star Barn complex’s history will be readily available at the new site, not to be forgotten.  The point of preserving these buildings is to keep alive the ideals that John Motter instilled in them so long ago.  The stars on the outside of the barn represent hope, good fortune and prosperity, the integrity of these ideals will not be questioned, but rather strengthened.

If you would like more information about The Star Barn or Agrarian Country visit The Star Barn’s website at or call Agrarian Country’s office at (717) 831-0363



Reported By: Jamie Smith

The Fractured Prune – The Perfect Donut(s)

 The Fractured Prune offers some of the most tasty/delicious donuts ever to grace the planet. If you once thought these treats were merely a breakfast option, think again.

A Fractured Prune donut can be enjoyed anytime of the day. Here are the creative donut options that are offered:

Banana Nut Bread: banana glaze, cinnamon sugar, peanuts – I could swear that this was an actual slice of banana nut bread. Arguably their best donut. 

Black Forest: raspberry glaze, coconut, mini chocolate chips – If Banana Nut is #1, then this is a close second. Tastes like a warm slice of black forest cake. A definite must.

Blueberry Hill: blueberry glaze, powder – Blueberry muffins mixed with funnel cake and warm dough. Yes Please!

Carnival: honey glaze, rainbow sprinkles – It’s actually a surprisingly good taste. Not a must, but its taste is extremly sweet. If you like to mix things up, try the Carnival.

Creamsicle: orange glaze, powdered sugar – I love the creamsicle flavor. Period. Popsicles, ice cream, yougurt, soda, it doesn’t matter, if it’s creamsicle flavored, Im getting it, and I reccomend you do the same for this donut.

Chocolate Covered Cherry: cherry glaze, mini chocolate chips – A very sweet treat. Lots of cherry and lots of chocolate. It’s a tough donut to handle if you’ve already loaded up on chocolate, but if not, then enjoy.

French Toast: maple glaze, cinnamon sugar – Another breakfast combination sensation. Warning – expect you fingers covered in glazed sugar, lots of it. But whose complaining?

Lemonade: lemon glaze, granulated sugar – This is one of my go-to donuts. Can’t decide what to get? BOOM, lemonade it is. Similar taste to the French Toast, but also reminds me of the Banana Nut Bread. Like I said: can’t decide? get a Lemonade.

Morning Buzz: mocha glaze, Oreo cookie crumbs – It’s one of the three donuts I have yet to try. It looks like a cappuchino filled with oreo cookies. Exactly what the name describes, a true morning buzz.

Myrna Medley: chocolate glaze, chocolate jimmies, peanuts – #2 of the un-tasted donuts. That doesnt mean you shouldn’t try it. Go and Try IT!

Ms. Prunella: mixed berry glaze, cinnamon sugar – The original speciallty donut. The namesake of this famous franchise delivers an interesting flavor. A true mixed berry taste, but with a sweet kick.


O.C. Sand: honey glaze, cinnamon sugar – Very similar to the Lemonade and the French Toast. Another sweet sugar combo.

Pebble Beach: honey glaze, cinnamon sugar, mini chocolate chips – Eating this donut makes you feel like your sitting one the California coast taking in the sea breeze. Ok, maybe it doesnt taste exactly like that, but it’s good. Think O.C Sand meets Sundae.

Peppermint Patty: mint glaze, mini chocolate chips – THE MOST DELICIOUS-LOOKING DONUT OFFERED. It looks, and tastes like decadent perfection. Not reccomended for those who aren’t big on mint, but if not, you need to taste it. An absolute must. Sticky fingers will ensue.

Plain Jane: a naked donut – Never been a fan of plain foods. If you’re going to the Fractured Prune, its probably because you want to send your taste buds through hyper-speed, and this donut doesn’t exactly follow suit. A good buy for balancing flavor intake.

Rolo: caramel glaze, mini chocolate chips – Another candy-inspired creation. Rich, melty, and delicious. A tall, cold milk makes this donut even better, if you can imagine that.

Reese Cup: peanut butter glaze, mini chocolate chips – Just like the Rolo, but with peanut butter. Milk is required.

Strawberry Shortcake: strawberry glaze, graham cracker, powdered sugar – Just had this for the first time and it was AMAZING. Definitely a top 5 creation. Eat it warm, it eat cold, it doesn’t matter, because its going to taste great regardless.

Sundae: honey glaze, peanuts, mini chocolate chips – The final donut I’ve yet to try, but its alot like the Trail Mix, so I approve.

Trail Mix: banana glaze, nuts, coconut, chocolate jimmies – its a Sundae meets the Black Forest but without the cherry. This is a pretty hefty treat, so just eat quickly and don’t think.

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By Troy Machir

Scouting for Food

November 15, 2008 look for the Boy Scouts bright and early picking up the food in your neighborhood to take to the Food Bank in Elizabethtown.  

You may have noticed the bags that were dropped off on your porch recently which are to be filled up with non-perishables to be given to the less fortunate for Thanksgiving.  The Boy Scouts work together to bring in as much food as they can, but they can not do it alone.  The scouts are hoping that the residents of Elizabethtown will spare a can of yams or a box of stuffing to help others have an enjoyable holiday.  

For more information about Elizabethtown’s food pantry or a list of suggestions check out their site,  Grace Chapel Food Pantry.

Watch this video of interviews with Elizabethtown Boy Scout leaders

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Reported by: Keira Feagley Elizabethtown College Junior

Derry Township Alert Causes Local Residents to Be Cautious

When thinking of the safety of their home, most people focus on protecting it from those who may try to break in when no one’s home.  But what about those people you let in all by yourself? reported the details of an alert issued by the Derry Township Police Department, which urged residents to pay more attention to who they are letting into their homes.  The alert resulted from a report on Nov. 3 of two suspicious men, claiming to be from Verizon, asking to enter residents’ home to take care of a service call.

It turned out, these men were not from Verizon at all.  In fact, the phone company confirmed that they don’t even have service calls in that area.  None of the residents confronted by these men allowed them into their home, but what if they had gone to a home where the residents did use Verizon?

“That scares me,” Derry Township resident Arlene said.  “It shows you really never know if a person is who they say they are.”

Arlene is not the only one to have concerns.

“It’s tough, because I want to know my family is safe at home,” Elizabethtown resident Bob said.  “This really shows that we can’t always be as trusting as maybe we want to be.”

But what can you do to make sure you’re being safe when someone rings your doorbell?  Click the video below for some quick tips.

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Check out the article from

Any personal experiences with deceptive visitors to your home?  Do you have any more helpful tips for others in the community?  Leave a comment!

Reported by:  Sara Sandhaus, Elizabethtown College Senior