Changing Temperatures On Elizabethtown Campus

Temperature in the dorm rooms at Elizabethtown is always an interesting debate, especially the time between Fall break and the start of Winter. JayTalk’s Zach Klinedinst has more on this.

ZACH KLINEDINST: As Spring changes to Fall, and the temperatures outside go through unpredictable changes, the comfort of students at Elizabethtown College becomes of a much greater concern. Some students become creative in how they keep themselves warm, while other attempt to keep themselves cool once the air conditioning units are removed over fall break.

CAM WIRTH:  “Uh I don’t think it’s too terribly cold. Um, initially when they took the A/C’s out it was really, really hot. I don’t think…I don’t think they should like them out. They should just leave them in and just let ’em use them…let you use them whenever you want to. ”

KLINEDINST: Because of the changing weather, it is difficult for facilities management to keep control of the temperatures in the dorms, so they fluctuate from day to day.

MIRANDA FEDOR: “But I mean the one night I did get cold. But then like last night it was really hot so I can tell, or at least I can understand how it would be like frustrating to sit there and like play around with it all the time. ”

KLINEDINST: The policy at the college is that the heat does not turn on until the daytime averages reach into the sixties. This can cause major differences in temperature. Some nights it may even drop down into the fifties in students dorm rooms. This can make students very uncomfortable.

GENE WERLEY: “I see where they’re coming from but you have to look at it from the student standpoint. That if you know, if it’s forty degrees outside the walls are pretty thin it’s going to be pretty cold in your room, so…”

KLINEDINST: The school’s energy policies are in place to save as much electricity as possible. New LED lights have been installed, as well as other energy-saving devices such as occupancy sensors. The temperature standards are part of this policy.

As students struggle with temperatures the heat will eventually turn on and make sure everyone has a slightly more comfortable winter.

For now it’s up to students to regulate their temperature in any way they see fit. For JayTalk, I’m Zach Klinedinst.

Hopefully students on campus can find some different ways to cope with the changing temperatures.

Etown Winter Shelter Set to Open For It’s Third Season

The Elizabethtown Winter Shelter is getting ready for its third season of operation. Since 2015, the shelter has helped nearly 50 people. ECTV-40’s Shaye DiPasquale has more on this project to end homelessness in the Elizabethtown area.

SHAYE DIPASQUALE: The shelter is run out of the basement of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. The shelter provides a safe place for individuals to sleep for the night. It will remain open from early Dec. through late March. Joanna Katherman, the Winter Shelter coordinator, says the next closet shelter is over 25 minutes away.

JOANNA KATHERMAN: ““I definitely think it’s filled a gap. I mean, we get calls every day from people in Elizabethtown and the little surrounding areas.”

DIPASQUALE: The shelter is run by staff from ECHOS, the Elizabethtown community housing and outreach services. Case manager Leighann Farling says she loves being able to support her clients.

LEIGHANN FARLING: “But then walking alongside of them to see that they are making it through that time, so we are really just a bridge, a bridge of hope.”

DIPASQUALE: The ECHOS staff is collecting Helping Hand donations. This includes everything from toiletries to gently used accessories or bedding. Kim Grey, another ECHOS case manager says the shelter is an important part of the Elizabethtown community.

KIM GREY: “So, this program, you know, kinda gives individuals that opportunity to um get into safe housing, to provide that stability and then to kinda let all the other pieces come into place as well.”

DIPASQUALE: Anyone interested in getting involved with the shelter must attend a volunteer training session. To learn about more volunteer opportunities, contact For ECTV-40, I’m Shaye DiPasquale.

ECHOS and the Elizabethtown Winter Shelter staff are excited to see both new and returning volunteers this season.

Working for Dining Services


MARYANNA GRESLEY: Dining Services offers three places for students to get food while on campus—the Jay’s Nest, the Blue Bean, and the Marketplace. The Jay’s Nest functions as a one-stop-shop for any time a student is looking for something to eat. It’s kind of like the Sheetz or Wawa that you’d find outside of campus. A student employee, Kimberly Huang, shares what kinds of opportunities she feels she’s gotten through working at Dining Services.

KIMBERLY HUANG: It’s a really fun opportunity,  you get to work with friends, meet new people. You get leadership opportunities–really fun stuff like that.

GRESLEY: Sam Finnegan, a student manager for dining services, told us about some of the advancement opportunities available to students.

SAM FINNEGAN: We also do advancement; after you’ve worked for a semester you can apply to be a [Team Leader] or a manager. You also get a pay raise through [this advancement]. It also looks really good on your resume.

GRESLEY: Also employed by Dining Services, Juana Fernandez, gave a feel for what a student may experience when working in Dining Services.

JUANA FERNANDEZ: It’s a good opportunity because you get to make better friends, more friends. You’re not necessarily just doing one thing, you’re doing multiple things and it’s a good opportunity because you learn more things than just one.

GRESLEY: Working for Dining Services not only means flexible work hours, it means unique opportunities and awesome experiences. For WWEC News, I’m Maryanna Gresley.

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is truly fantastic

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is truly fantastic

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is a movie placed before the time of Harry Potter written by J.K. Rowling. The successful Harry Potter fever ablaze came true on Nov. 18, and has been a box office sensation for a good reason.

The film has taken on the task of satisfying already avid fans of the Harry Potter series with supplemental material. But perhaps this is more than just supplemental. A sequel is due to come out in 2018, making “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” a diving board into future profits and fan material. The expectations of die hard fans are being met and exceeded in the new movie with witty and clever characters, intellectual themes and a dark tone of mystery. The film has taken a twist onto the serious roads of filmmaking, turning the film into a thoughtful masterpiece.

The story centers around likable characters who all have a level of human depth. Most of the main characters have a certain reality about them that makes them so relatable. Clumsiness, stubbornness and passion are just a few of the many characteristics fastened to the characters as they run around the city of New York trying to capture escaped creatures. These characters create a means of placing yourself into their shoes, making the story even more compelling for the audience.

The film also covers mature topics such as division, prejudice and dealing with misunderstood things. The prejudice between No-Maj’s (or Muggles is the wizard term for humans who are non-magical beings) and wizards flows both ways and the story captures what it’s like for both sides. Newt Scamander portrayed by Eddie Redmayne criticizes the prejudice and division which raises awareness in the real world about these issues. Having creatures that are misunderstood and thought of as dangerous is also due to preconceived ideas. Newt tries to distinguish the existing idea that the creatures are dangerous. This tackles the misunderstood and places the issue of preconceived notions under a magnifying glass. The film takes a leap towards serious topics and covers them in a carefully and cleverly planned way. It makes the audience take a look at themselves instead of just spending $12 to see a lighthearted comedy. You actually have to think.

This isn’t your average kids’ film. There is a certain darkness that makes it more suited for the PG-13 rating it currently possesses. The movie is overall, a dark film. There is some humor that is much needed scattered about to break up the heavy content. As disaster, harm and murder are bountifully emblazoned in the story, these plot points create a grave experience for viewers. Mysterious ambitions and a semi-confusing plot make it hard to look away and keeps the audience’s eyes hungry for the next big twist.

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” actually turns itself into a bit of a mystery even though it’s categorized as a fantasy/action. The story follows Newt Scamander who comes to New York from Britain in 1926 and accidentally has his case full of magical creatures set loose in the city. Teaming up with No-Maj Jacob Kowalski played by Dan Fogler and sister witches Porpentia Goldstein by Katherine Waterson and Queeny Goldstein by Alison Sudol, the four charge through the city trying to recapture the escapees and chaos ensues. When mysterious destruction is happening throughout the city, the tension heightens between wizards and humans, pitting the two as foes. The two separate storylines become entwined as the two hour and 13-minute movie becomes a fast paced adventure.



Video by Warner Bros. UK on YouTube.

The Irish Experience: Study Abroad

IMG_8880The gray sky hung above me as the fresh, cool air whipped around my heavy luggage rolling on the sidewalk. The smell of sea air wafted to me from afar after an almost sleepless night. The eight of us trotted along wearily as our first leg of the journey was complete. For someone who doesn’t like to travel much, Dublin certainly brought me closer to the realization of how close the world is to my fingertips.

Dublin, Ireland was just the first stop on my study abroad trip. I visited over eight different cities scattered across Ireland, sometimes staying for a few nights and sometimes only for a few hours. The constant travel seemed to be something that I didn’t think about much before I left.

The quick pace, the many sites and the original Irish culture was fantastical. The course, COM370 Ireland in Text and Image, gave photography and travel writing a new perspective for me as the three weeks passed in a daze of speedy green.

The first few minutes in Dublin felt like a dream: unable to distinguish the cozy U.S. from the new land. This was how I felt most of the time when I was away from home. The vibrant green everywhere, the fields of cows, people milling about and the small traffic lanes made for culture shock. That feeling lasted for the first couple of days, but the pace kept getting faster as we moved about.

“My goal was to expose us to a lot of different areas,” Dr. Katherine Hughes, the professor of the course, said. We visited several cities and made a circle across the whole of Ireland.

The four-hour time difference didn’t help much in regards to getting oriented to the country. The pacing was hasty, but the desire to learn more about the Irish culture, see historical sites and feel a little more confident kept my heart beating. The traveling quickly took a toll on me and was too fast paced to see everything that I had wished to.

“I called my family,” senior Victoria Madonna said in relation to coping with the pacing of the trip.

The travel was filled with long bike rides, boats, planes, buses, vans and a whole lot of walking. Each new location had so many different wonders in store. From cozy Galway to revving Dublin, the whole of Ireland is teeming with interesting history and pleasant people as long as you don’t act like a tourist.

“I found that I appreciate folks who are willing to be adventurous,” Hughes said. She discovered this when she was on the trip. Finding out more about yourself is a vital process of any trip. Studying abroad allows for digging into personal interests, issues and traits.

“I never expected to see myself traipsing along through Dublin, literally living at Trinity College. I never would have thought I would have done that.” sophomore Rebecca Easton said, one of the students along on the wild journey. Traveling has a way of opening the mind and challenging people to see new sides of themselves.

“Approach it with an open mind. Try to find a destination that you have some interest in,” Hughes said. Going abroad is a large step outside of comfort zones, but this lends itself to the chance of new learning experiences.

Seeing the world through new eyes was the first step to discovering how similar two places of the world can be. Ireland, while greener and rockier than most of the US, has a natural charm that can ease the worries of nervous travel abroad students. The trip brought me closer to the people in my group and helped me see life anew.

As I walked the crowded streets of Dublin alone and navigated my way back to Trinity College, I realized that I was a capable person. If I could do that, then I could do pretty much anything. The whole experience gave me a confidence that no ordinary college course could. This new found poise has helped me become a braver person.

“Pack light,” Hughes said. Going abroad is a tricky business for those who have trouble knowing what to bring.

“Do research on the country you’re going to,” Easton said. Knowing the location that future study abroad students want to travel to will help ensure that a fitting destination is selected. Having this knowledge of the country in advance will also aid in safety and cultural awareness.

The chance to study abroad rarely happens outside of college. The time to go explore the world, gain confidence and learn about new cultures stems from signing up to go. The shifting world won’t stay still long and the chance to see the culture as it is today, vanishes tomorrow. Exploring Ireland is a brand new way to dive into Irish culture and experience the wonders that it has to offer. Studying abroad is possible even for those who aren’t fond of traveling methods.

“I was really reluctant,” Easton said. “I was not nervous, but very apprehensive about going to another country. It took some convincing from my parents…” The whole process was inspiring and challenged those with the reluctance to travel. “I’m really glad that I listened to my parents’ prodding and actually got on a plane.”

“Seeing the world’s greatest features, wherever you go, you can’t just look at them on a screen,” Madonna said. The chance to go out into the world is something that isn’t available to everyone. Seeing pictures of a splendid location doesn’t even begin to touch on what it’s like to actually be at that place. The views become more fantastic and beautiful when you get to see it in person.

My journey ended where it began: Dublin airport. The rainy sky waved goodbye as the over seven-hour flight brought us home. The last moments of those gray skies won’t be forgotten as the rain washed away my old self.