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Etown Dominates on Senior Day, Wins 17-1 Against Goucher

Buffeted by wind and cheered on by crowds of parents, the Elizabethtown College women’s lacrosse team pulled off an impressive victory during Saturday’s game against the Goucher College Gophers, winning 17-1 and leading a shut-out for most of the first half.

The Blue Jays opened the game on a strong note, with senior Allison McLamb scoring within the first minute of the game, and continued their streak throughout the game, scoring twelve points in the first half of the game. Goucher’s Alyssa Long, a freshman biology major, scored once with 14:52 left in the first half, but couldn’t get a leg up on the Blue Jays, who scored twelve points before

Goucher’s first-year Alyssa Long, scored once with 14:52 left in the first half, but couldn’t catch up to the Blue Jays, who scored twelve points before halftime, and rounded up five more before the end of regulation.

The Blue Jays lacrosse battles both the wind and the Goucher Gophers
The Blue Jays women’s lacrosse team battles both the wind and the Goucher Gophers during their April 1 game

The women’s lacrosse team at Elizabethtown, established in 2002, has had an impressive season, racking up eight wins in nine games with their victory against Goucher, who has been a tough opponent in previous years.

“Our team is doing so well,” said junior Carly Thompson of the season. “This game last year, we won by one goal, it was 5-6…it was crazy.”

Thompson scored one of two hat tricks during the game, along with senior Addie Stang. Ultimately, Thompson scored five goals over the course of the one and a half hour game, but credits her success to the hard work of her teammates.

“I score because our team gets it back to me,” Thompson said. “And our goalie does crazy good saves, and our defense holds up…without the defense I wouldn’t have the time, I wouldn’t have the chances to score.”

Coach Danielle Taylor expressed confidence in her team, saying that they had drilled the team well after the tight win last season.

“We were pretty confident going into it that we would have the end result that we did,” Taylor said. “Not only that, but their emotions were pretty high because it was Senior Day, and so they were ready to show up and give a good show.”

Assistant coach Taylor Frombaugh agreed with Taylor, noting that their plans ultimately worked out in the Blue Jays’ favor.

“After watching film and preparing the girls,” Frombaugh said, “I think our game plan, we executed it very well.”

Taylor also noted that her team has succeeded in spite of hardships, after the team suffered a rough period for the last several seasons.

“This team has gone through so much in the past four years,” Taylor said, “That I think they just take every game for what it is…I think they’re still just focused on the next one that’s coming and treating each as its own.”

The women’s lacrosse team will play their next games on Wednesday, April 5, at home against Stockton University, and Saturday, April 8, at Drew College.

How popular are the ads compared to the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 51 was played last night to an average of 48.8 rating and 72 share according to Nielsen ratings.
Super Bowl 51 was played last night to an average of 48.8 rating and 72 share according to Nielsen ratings.

On Sunday February 5 , the Super Bowl was viewed by 70 percent of the country according to In-between all the balls passed, the touchdowns, and halftime show, commercials were shown to sell their products to the viewers of the game.

According to, 111.9 million people in the U.S. watched the Super Bowl last year, and each year more and more commercials are added to showcase the company’s’ different ways of persuading us over to their side. After looking around different articles about “Best Super Bowl commercials”, these few stuck out due to the year and views on each video.

Older viewers of the Super Bowl might remember the Bub Bowl ads or even Apple’s first commercial back in 1984, while the newer generation recognize Volkswagen’s “The Force” and the Ebates baby commercials. Volkswagen and Ebates have a total views of 87 million on YouTube where the first Bud Bowl and Apple’s first commercial only have a combined view total of 888,000

With the advent of the internet, the newer the generation the more views older and more modern ads receive. While viewing, four out of the ten ads listed were ones made for Doritos: Crash the Super Bowl contest with views ranging from 28 million to 56 million views on YouTube.

This year commercials had a tougher time to be sell their products due to each 30 second commercial costing $5 million. Most if not all the commercials were longer than 30 seconds, so companies were shelling out $5+ million just to get us to buy their products. The ads that stand out to the media sources after the game are the ones that tell stories in them (not counting movie trailers due to them having a story in a two hour film.) and gets us connected to the people in them.

When talking to a someone who know little about football, but loves to watch the big game for the excitement of the event and the commercials that come with it a few questions pop up, such as, which commercials do you remember the most, what makes a good commercial to you, why do you enjoy the commercials and what commercial was the best this year?

Alison Parsons, a sophomore at Elizabethtown College was the only person to respond to these questions out of the three people asked. When asked about what makes a good commercial Alison said “A good commercial must be unique and positively focused. I also like commercials that have a family friendly humor that makes them memorable.” Out of all the ads shown last night she lists the Buick-Pee Wee Football, Honda- Yearbook of celebrities, Bai-Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken, and Mr. Clean-Cleaner of your dreams as the ones she remembers the most. With different people enjoying different ads Alison enjoys them because “They’re creative and display humor that makes me chuckle.”

That wraps up the Super Bowl. Here’s hoping more ads make an impact next year.

Other Desert Cities, In Lancaster City

On February 7 the Elizabethtown College Theatre Department took a trip to the Fulton Theatre to view the production of Other Desert Cities, a five-time Tony nominated play and finalist for the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. These classes were asked to read the play prior to watching it.

Other Desert Cities is a family drama production that is about an author who returns home to her family after seven years, but she is coming back with some news that her family does not want to hear. After “pulling the skeletons out of the closet,” the family from Palm Beach has a very important decision to make.

Kate Galvin, director of Other Desert Cities, visited with Etown students after the production. When asked what the most challenging aspect of directing this production was, Kate said “The show is very dense and there’s a lot of information within, actually getting a handle on what happened to this family and figuring out how to portray it was very difficult.”

Etown College has a track record of visiting the Fulton Theatre, located in downtown Lancaster. “Visiting the Fulton Theatre allows us to get out of Etown and broaden our horizons, especially when it comes to learning about and watching Theatre,” said Dan Bednarik, a junior at Etown. “Watching a play and reading a play are two different things. Being able to watch a play come to life at the Fulton Theatre is a feeling like no other,” said Brandon Wissler, a sophomore at Etown.

Fulton Theatre’s production of Other Desert Cities will continue to run through March 6 in their fourth- floor studio.

Student Senate town hall meeting with Carl Strikwerda

Student Senate held a town hall style meeting with Elizabethtown College President Carl Strikwerda in Hoover 212 on February 11, 2016 where he answered questions concerning the recent rise in tuition. The opening statements were concerning the bias-related incidents that took place on campus recently, the “It’s On Us” campaign and the increase in tuition costs.
Collin Davidson, president of the executive cabinet of Student Senate, called the meeting to order and introduced Strikwerda. The meeting began with roll call for the Student Senate members. Strikwerda then took the floor with a question and answer period.
Strikwerda then continued to discuss the events at Mount St. Mary’s institution and their staff and remarked that the College staff works hard for the best community that they could have. He also spoke of the advantages to the cost increase, such as the rising price to maintain a prestigious school. There is an option to go to a financial aid officer to go over a specific case.
At this time the floor was opened to the students so that they could voice their concerns with Strikwerda. These questions ranged from the topic of the field house construction, the distribution of scholarship money between the classes, the importance of the tuition model, minimum wage for students and how the money from tuition will be used and what students will directly see its benefits. Strikwerda answered every question that was asked of him. Around five o’clock Davidson called for a recess. The president then left and Student Senate resumed their normal meeting procedures.
Maddie Rutherford, secretary of the Class of 2018 and the executive cabinet, stated, “It was really nice to see students coming out to learn about topics, like tuition, that really matter to them.” There is a lot of emphasis that there should be more involvement from the students because they can be directly involved with the decisions that affect them.
Sean Fiedler, president of the class of 2018 and treasurer of executive cabinet, said, “I think there may be an outcry from the students, but we need to have faith in the administration. They’re trying to do their best for and are working hard for this community.” He elaborated, communication between students and faculty is essential to understanding one another to achieve the best community for higher learning.
Blair Hendricks, sophomore International Business and French double major, attended the meeting as a student and remarked, “Student Senate was well-run. The student opinions were adequately acknowledged and there were respectful interactions between students. It was a conversation.” She then continued, “It felt good to voice my opinion as a student, especially to the president of the college.” For this student, the meeting was helpful and insightful to the ideas of the administration and why the tuition increases are happening as they are.
The meeting was an opportunity for the students to voice their concerns over the school with Student Senate and the President. Many students were pleased with the process. Members of Student Senate were satisfied with the outcome of students.

Interview with Maddie Rutherford


Students exercise their right to vote

Young Americans for Liberty, a political club on campus, held a voter’s registration event in Hoover 110 on Wednesday February for all students who are eligible to vote. Along with YAL, the Political Science department also helped sponsor the event. In total, around twenty people were in attendance, including faculty from the Political Science department.
The voting registration event was around two hours long. Students in attendance needed the allotted time to obtain and fill out all the information needed to register. President of YAL, Jenn Feagley, said, “this is the first time a voting registration event has been done at the college, and it went well. Jenn was also asked about what she thought of the turnout of students, she said, “any number of students that came out would have been great. So around twenty people is a solid number.”
The event was originally suppose to be held in Hoover 212, but due to a Student Senate meeting that was already taking place in the room, the Political Science department moved the event to the M&M Mars Room in Leffler Chapel. Once everybody knew where the registration was taking place, students started filling out voter applications.
Dr. Kopko and Dr. Fletcher McClellan, the faculty members who were present from the Political Science department, helped students who had any problems registering. Some students in attendance had trouble with gathering evidence some of the information needed to fill out the applications. Therefore, some students had to save the information they already filled out, and finish the application after the event.
Members of YAL who were present were very proud of the turnout and results of the events. Kyle Schuaffer, Vice President of YAL, said, “voting is a very important thing. Everyone who came out is exercising their right to vote, and it’s a good thing to see.” When the event was over, light refreshments were served to both students and faculty in attendance.
One of the main goals of YAL is to encourage political activism on Etown’s campus. Jenn commentated on the topic of political activism by saying “it’s a daunting subject to talk about if you don’t know how to do discuss it.”
` YAL is Etown’s most known political group on campus, and the main officers of the club are very active in holding weekly. Along with the voting registration event that YAL sponsored, the club is meeting weekly to discuss the main points of the upcoming presidential election, which is right around the corner.