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Community Cupboard


Community Cupboard is a local food pantry and covers areas within the Elizabethtown school district that collects donations and helps people receive food. In order for people to be eligible to get food from the Cupboard they need to live within the area that the food pantry covers, and they need to meet certain income requirements.


Community Cupboard has recently moved locations to the Community Place on Washington, the local social services building in Elizabethtown. In the new building it provides more space for the Cupboard to operate and hold more items for storage. Also in the New building is a kitchen. With the kitchen, the Community Cupboard is hoping to start cooking classes so that they can teach the value of nutritional meals and how to prepare them.


Melissa Rhodes, the head of the Community Cupboard had this to say about the new location. “It’s a new campus that we have been dreaming about for years. We wanted something that all the social services could be under one roof and when this opportunity came up, United Churches Elizabethtown Area jumped on it.”


The Cupboard is divided into different sections that stock different food items. These items include fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and many more. The Community Cupboard is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays and are always accepting donations. They accept cans, boxed foods, and anything non-perishable.


If you want to learn more about what you can do for Community Cupboard, you can find them on Facebook and get their contact information there.

Elizabethtown Community Cupboard


Elizabethtown’s Community Cupboard is moving in with other Elizabethtown social services into the Community Place on Washington. In this new space, they will have more room for inventory, and for the customers to browse when they come.

“We’re a local food pantry and we cover the Elizabethtown, Rheems and Bainbridge zip codes. We are now part of the local social services building. It’s called the community place on Washington. So we are in the bottom level, we have the bottom level for our food bank and upstairs is ECHOS, Etown community Care, Elizabethtown HUB, among a few other places.”

Customers choose their foods based on the Choose My Plate pamphlet, a guide to a healthy diet according to the US department of agriculture. The Community Cupboard provides fruits, grains, vegetables, juices, proteins, as well as a variety of hygiene related items.

“He made us a huge donation box that’s outside, it’s accessible 24 hours a day, and it’s located right outside of our building. We accept cans and we accept boxed foods, anything non-perishable, and it has to be non-glass. So that’s open 24 hours and people can donate.”

The Community Cupboard of Elizabethtown and Melissa plan on bringing in educational cooking classes to help citizens be more frugal with their spending.

In Elizabethtown, Michael Wong,


Elizabethtown College-Community Orchestra

The Elizabethtown College-Community Orchestra is conducted by Robert Spence. It features 84 people in the ensemble, entirely comprised of wind, string, and percussion instruments. The orchestra performs a variety of string orchestra and full orchestra. Any student can join the Community Orchestra, there aren’t even auditions required for string players. You will need permission to join if you wish to play wind or percussion, however.

Founded in 1971, the Elizabethtown College-Community Orchestra has been playing at least one concert a semester for over 40 years. At this event, Robert Spence gave recognition to new five and ten-year orchestra members. Before the event started, several songs were played by a few different student ensembles. All Elizabethtown College-Community Orchestra concerts take place in Leffler Chapel, and are free and open to the public. No meal swipes required.

“Uh well, I suppose I was interested in joining the orchestra because this is something that I’ve done since 3rd grade actually. I played the cello since 7th grade, and it’s just something I’ve always really enjoyed doing; and I just thought, ‘Why not continue it in College?’”

“Hi, I’m Melissa Germano and I went to the concert today. I am not a musical person whatsoever, but I came to support one of my best friends and former peer students because that’s what I’m supposed to do, and I really liked it a lot.”

Many standing ovations were had from the crowd, many thanks to Robert Spence and the orchestra for putting on a fantastic show.


Zug Memorial Hall, the oldest building on the E-town college campus, houses many campus offices.

Anchor: I’m outside Zug Memorial Hall. This is a place that house Elizabethtown College’s business office, Hess gallery, and financial aid department; but in the basement, few people have found that there’s a vibrant community.

The basement houses the college music department. In addition to music studies, classrooms can also be used by the various music clubs, specifically the Bachelor of Arts in Music Organization, BAMO for short. BAMO has garnered quite the campus fanbase over the years. I sat down with the club president, Steven Roldan, to learn about BAMO’s mission.

Steven Roldan, president: Well, BAMO’s mission is to spread music and provide opportunities for musicians on campus to execute music.

BAMO has an open-door policy, meaning students of any major can join.

Noah Abbe, secretariat: It used to be that we would just do BAMO for music people, but now it’s anyone who does music.

The club is currently rehearsing for their Night in the City concert, scheduled on March 28th.

Roldan: Also, we go out into the community and we try and either play music people. Maybe for ourselves or maybe for other people. And, we also just want to have all the memes.

In Elizabethtown, Kenyon Tarquinio,

Elizabethtown Thanksgiving

To watch video, click here

This may seem like chaos at other colleges, but for Etown, this is home. Here the lines wrap around the Brossman Commons where students wait in line to take family style group photos. No matter your major, year, or what you’re doing, this is the place to be. Even if you’re stuck posing for a little longer than necessary.

Miranda Fedor, class of 2021, had many positive things to say about this Thanksgiving tradition. ” So my favorite thing about coming to the Thanksgiving dinner is just the feel of it. I feel it is just very relaxed, because normally when we are eating dinner, it’s like ‘okay now we have to go do stuff’ right after instead of just enjoying it. There is going to be good food and it kinda just gets me ready for the break coming up. It’s just a good dinner.”

In addition, students are served by faculty, staff members including some of their friends from catering.

From, this is Pleasant Sprinkle-Williams wishing you all a happy holidays.