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Intramurals, Fun for Everyone

A crushing 4-1 defeat happened this past week during an intramural soccer game.

The Flockin’ Freshmen played against Pathetico Madrid on Tuesday night, October 17. The game started out even, with both teams scoring in the first half. The game went into half-time at an even 1-1 score. The Freshmen played hyper-aggressively, trying to break down the goalkeeper. Madrid played an amazing defense, blocking an enormous amount of shots. Madrid’s defense fell in the second half however, when the Freshmen scored three more goals. Madrid’s main problem was that they only had one substitute player.

“We almost never had any opportunities to score,” said Cam Wirth. Wirth scored the only goal that Madrid had. He was playing mid-field at the time of his goal. Shurr launched the ball down the field, Wirth’s teammate, Josh Mengel, passed to him, and he shot to the opposite corner of the goal. This goal highlights the necessity of substitute players. Wirth had been sitting out for the beginning of the game, and was not playing for long before he scored Madrid’s sole goal. “Their defense seemed so sluggish, it only took a few minutes to break it,” said Wirth. “We didn’t have everyone at full strength, and with only one substitute player, we were exhausted quickly,” goalkeeper Justin Shurr said. Not much can be said about the loss, if the team roster had been full, Madrid may have stood more of a chance. The beginning of the game looked very promising, but at the end the Freshmen were just able to run circles around Madrid.

The Freshmen made Pathetico Madrid look pathetic, they  almost never gave up control of the ball. Their teamwork was excellent, but their accuracy was not. They took a plethora of shots, but only scored four times. “It felt like I was chiseling away at a brick wall,” said an anonymous source, “I must have taken at least 7 shots alone, but we just couldn’t score.” The Freshmen were extremely aggressive, but also flustered. It was clear they knew how to handle the ball but they seemed lost when shooting on goal.

“It was a tough game, but we always have a great time together. Even though we lost, we look forward to future games, and hope to do better,” said Shurr.




We see some dog owners enjoying themselves with other dogs.
We see some dog owners enjoying themselves with other dogs.

As we say goodbye to the dog days of summer, we say hello to… dogs! Woofstock was held this past Sunday.

Cynthia Magaro created Woofstock as a way to celebrate dogs, however does everyone who attends the event share the same mindset as Magaro? While Woofstock is held about thirty minutes away from the Elizabethtown College campus in Riverfront Park, Harrisburg, that didn’t stop a plethora of Elizabethtown students from attending it. Woofstock boasts live music that is unlikely to be heard elsewhere, plenty of entertainment, a wide open park to play in, and, most importantly, hundreds of dogs to play with.

Woofstock is run by the CPAA, the Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance, and has been happening annually for 14 years now. Magaro theorized Woofstock in order to create a “no-kill” community; a community in which no animals are euthanized unless they are too sick or old to enjoy life.

Woofstock has been going strong for several years and shows no signs of stopping. While there are a staggering amount of people who just want to play with dogs for a day,many people go to this event with the intent of finding a new best friend. With free admissions, attendees are also free to bring their own dogs to Woofstock.

Elizabehtown college students Anna Tammborrino, Frank Coster, and Joey Kobus were interviewed. Anna said that, “Woofstock is an amazing event for an amazing cause.  The best part is definitely the costume contest.” Frank Coster said the he attended the event because he was procrastinating his responsibilities. He also was getting some well-needed stress relief. Frank misses his three dogs because he doesn’t get to go home much, and though there was no better answer to play with other peoples’ dogs. “I came here to do two things: pet pugs, and eat food; and I’m all out of money for food.”

Woofstock is a wonderful event that raises awareness of dogs in ASPCA shelters. Whether you choose to adopt or simply spread awareness by attending and telling others, Woofstock is something that any person who loves animals can enjoy, especially stressed out college students. Elizabethtown student, and dog enthusiast, Joey Kobus said, “I love dogs, dogs are the best kind of people.” Immediately afterwards, he turned around and screamed, “Doggos!” Kobus then followed a group of dogs through the park.