What was the most interesting moment of the Super Bowl?

On February 6, 2017 a random poll was conducted on Elizabethtown College asking for the participants’ favorite moment of Sunday night’s Super Bowl. The results were a near 50/50 split between the actual game and the half-time show.

Many people were shocked by the results of the big game, most everyone expecting the Falcons to win. Some were mad, like Ryan Sagedy, junior, said, “The Falcons had a huge loss and I really expected them to win.” Others were generally surprised. Artist-in-Residence, Mr. Cullen’s favorite moment was the Patriot’s comeback.

For those who had no major interest in the game itself were invested in Lady Gaga’s Half-Time performance. Sarah McCollum, senior, was delighted by ‘the Face Guy,” the guy who’s face was zoomed in on during the show. Dr. Badgerow enjoyed Lady Gaga’s close to the show when she jumped off stage and caught a ball.

All in all, the general consensus is that the Super Bowl this year was quite a memorable event.

-Kenyon Tarquinio, Pleasant Sprinkle-Williams, Colin Friel, and Maggie Boccella

Etown Faculty and Students Respond to Super Bowl Questions

Article by: Kim Morris, Lauren Poland,  Jamie Verrekia, Brandon Wolf

Super Bowl LI took place on February 5th, 2017 between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots.  Kickoff happened at 6:30 PM in the NRG Stadium in Huston, Texas. The final score was 34-28 with the Patriots winning in overtime. According to Variety.com proximately 111.3 million people watched the game, including some Elizabethtown College students and faculty.

At halftime, Lady Gaga performed a mix of her old and new tracks, surrounded by thousands of lights and drones. She dropped from the stadium’s roof into the stadium to perform her solo set. Britani Graver, a sophomore at Elizabethtown said, “I loved the halftime show, I love Lady Gaga!” According to Andy Williams, Director of Broadcasting at Elizabethtown College, “the opening portion of the show was shot a week before-hand due to a no-fly-zone within 35 miles of the stadium.” Gaga used 1,000  drones to illuminate her as her backdrop for her opening.

68 ads were shown between the quarters, several of which were repeats of the same products. Some of the ads shown included Mr. Clean, Skittles, The Nintendo Switch, T-Mobile, and Avacados from Mexico. Matt VanCleef, a junior, didn’t watch the whole game, but he enjoyed watching the ads. “My favorite was the Chrysler Alfa Romero ad.” Williams said, “my favorite was the Kia Motors Eco-Hybrid commercial.”

Campus Divided over Super Bowl advertisements

Super Bowl LI held a plethora of new advertisements for consumers to digest. Elizabethtown College campus has formed sides regarding the quality of last night’s Super Bowl commercials.

Elizabethtown College resident believes the message delivered at the 2017 Super Bowl was a “better message.” The commercials held a collective sign of unity within America. Many believe the advertisements to be a response to the recent election.

Among the carefully-selected respondents, the community was divided. 50% of  the campus selected believed the commercials aired during the 2016 Super Bowl were better in quality than the 2017 Super Bowl advertisements.

“In the old days, they’d try and make you laugh.” The entertainment value of the advertisements last night couldn’t compete with the bar set by the  2016 advertisements.

With the controversy surrounding this year’s advertisements, the campus community wonders what quality next year’s Super Bowl will bring.


New Men’s Lacrosse Coach Leads Team to Unknown Fate

A transition in leadership leaves fate of men’s lacrosse team unknown as the 2017 Spring season starts at Elizabethtown College. After the resignation of Drew Delaney last Spring, an absence in leadership continued through the summer. Newly hired head coach Chris Perzinski, will now be tested as he leads this team through his first season as a head coach.

Formerly named Landmark Conference Coach of the Year, Drew Delaney announced his recognition in May of last year after his team came one game short of winning the Landmark Conference Championship. He took the head men’s lacrosse coach position at University of Mary Washington after his three years wearing royal blue.

This is Perzinski first opportunity to prove himself as a collegiate head coach after several years of assisting. Perzinski graduated from Lynchburg College in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing and then again in 2012 with a Master’s of Education in Educational Leadership. Perzinski coached as an assistant coach for division III Men’s Lacrosse for 5 years bouncing back and forth from Lynchburg College and Gettysburg College. Perzinski had success with both of the programs he helped coach.

The Blue Jays have had incredible success under the leadership of Coach Delaney despite a transition between conferences. In the last two years, the Elizabethtown Men’s Lacrosse team went undefeated in the Landmark Conference and had two straight appearances in the Landmark Championship game. Several members of the Blue Jays team were recognized during this time as All-Conference players including one player who was also named a 2015 All-American. It is unclear whether the team will continue to have the same success under different leadership.

According to some coaches within the Elizabethtown College athletics department, Perzinski has already made a huge impact on his athletes. “He’s completely changed the attitudes of his players, even their grades” says women’s head lacrosse coach, Danielle Taylor. Academically speaking, the team’s cumulative GPA is currently the highest it has been in years and 100% of the team is academically eligible moving in to the Spring season.

The team has now been under Perzinski leadership for 5 months. Now, in the midst of Spring preseason, the players mention they too have noticed a change in the mentality of the team. “I’ve never seen such a great work ethic across the board like this” says junior defender, Kyle Coats “and I believe that is the reason we will continue

Coach Perzinski, pictured on the top left poses for a picture while supporting women’s basketball.
Coach Perzinski, pictured on the top left poses for a picture while supporting women’s basketball.

to have success”. Perzinski “brought a reinvigorated sense of energy and excitement to compete and win” according to player, Michael Hofstedt.

The Blue Jays still have a few weeks to prepare for their first game on February 18th at Marywood University. It will be interesting to see how the Blue Jays handle the change in leadership they have experienced. Visit Wolf Field at 3:30 on February 22nd to see the Blue Jays compete in their first home game against York College.

Students Have Fun with Intramural Basketball

The men’s intramural basketball season started on November 11, 2016 and ended on January 31, 2017. The league consisted of 16 teams with a variety of unique names such as The Monstars and the Hoosier Daddies. Each team played about fourteen games in the regular season, and each team ended with a different record than another.

            In addition to being a great way to get involved, intramural basketball, also provided a way for students to have fun with their friends while having a competitive edge.

For students like Alpha Sow, a member of Views from the Hoop, going into the season prepared was important. “It was my third year playing. I recruited heavy to have a good team,” Alpha said. When asked whether the season was more about having fun or winning, “Having fun cause you don’t really win anything.” Views from the Hoop had 9 wins and 5 losses at the end of the season.

Other players such as Mike Lucas of the Freshman Squad, had a different point of view going into the season, “I knew we were going to be bad, but not that bad.” While he said that winning was an important aspect of the game to him, he also said that he had fun doing it. The Freshman Squad ended with a record of 1 win and 13 losses on the season.

            Since this was more of a negative point of a view, I asked a different player from the same team for his opinion on the season. Tyler Legner, another player for the Freshman Squad had this to say about going into the season, “I felt like we had a good chance.” However, Mike and Tyler shared the same view point on whether it was about winning or having fun. Both said that it was more about winning, so you can see that there was still team chemistry with the players.

            For each team, the players may have had different points of view going into the season, but at the end of the season, it seems like that had fun no matter what. “I look forward to playing again next year,” Tyler said. The other players that were interviewed seemed to have the same attitude, and hope to improve for when they play in the league again next year.

Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Citizen Journalism