Etown’s College-Community Orchestra

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The Elizabethtown College-Community Orchestra presented its Fall Concert in Leffler Chapel, last Sunday, November 18th. The conductor and Director of this concert is Etown’s very own Dr. Robert Spence.

This Orchestra contains 84 members, with students and community members alike. It features works by Wagner, Bourgeois, Bernstein, and Copland. An Orchestra has violins, violas, cellos, bass, trumpets, French horns trombones, and oboes and percussion, String and wind instruments.

During the concert, Dr. Spence gave special recognition to five, and ten-year orchestra member veterans from the community.
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I was able to catch Violinist Rachel Rhoads, after the concert. “The instrument I play is the Violin. I’ve been playing the Violin for almost 12 years. I can’t just pick one song that was my favorite that we played tonight it would definitely be a tie between the Cello Concerto we played and Journey to the line.”

Rachel Has a strong passion for music just like some of the audience members that were in attendance. I was able to catch up with one after the concert. Eli Kuklinski is another student of Dr. Spence but Eli is in the band which is also directed and conducted by Dr. Spence.

“I’ve been to about four concerts here, I think, three or four. Um, I’m a student of Dr. Spences, I’m in the band with him and I liked this concert because they did a song with seventeen percussionists and it was the coolest thing.”

Etown’s College-Community Program held a list of songs that they played some of which are Prelude to Die Meistersinger by Richard Wagner, Serenade by Derek Bourgeois and Concerto for Cello and Orchestra by Weinberg, which contained a soloist, whose name is Greg Flury on the cello.
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Volunteer opportunities

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There are many different types of volunteer opportunities offered. There are even events held on campus, service trips, and mentoring programs. Some examples of campus events are: Into the Streets and Into the Campus. Both are service days in which students participate in projects on and outside of campus.  Service trips are offered to all students and take place in many different areas. “The college also offers mentoring programs, such as Moving Forward and Building Bridges.  In these programs Etown students connect with other high students within the area.” For students requiring financial aid, work study is offered. These students complete service projects in return for financial support. There are also opportunities through academics. Community based learning is an example of this.  Communications major Mikenna Lehane talks about the benefits of getting involved.

“I think volunteering is important because it’s a great way to give back to the community to help and others. I have done a number of activities in the past, like helping out with the keystone blood center and helping lobotomists on the floor while people were donating.” Lehane said.

Volunteering may also help future employment. Students can put these experiences on their resume or grad school applications and use them as interview topics. Volunteering also gives them skills, such as leadership, that can be applied to any job.  Student Assistant for the Center of Community and Civic Engagement, Emily Barber, tells us about the importance of volunteer work.

“I think that students should volunteer because it really gives an awesome opportunity to grow in yourself and help other’s I think it’s important to meet other people an interact with the greater community,” Barber said.

Students can find more information about volunteer opportunities on the Community for civic engagement webpage. There are also posters about upcoming events hanging in the BSC.  In Elizabethtown, Jamie Verrekia, wetown. org



Mad Cow Improv, An Elizabethtown College Experience


The Elizabethtown College Campus has its very own, student run, improv group. the improv group goes by the name of Mad Cow.

Mad Cow prides themselves on being a family oriented improv group that is fun for all ages.

To get ready for their shows the group holds rehearsals. Here they play games to hone their improvisation skills. Two of the games in particular are called half-time and levels.

“so my favorite game is Half-Time, and i really like it because it’s very fast paced. I get to scream and be really loud. And just do pretty much whatever you wanna do.”

Mad Cow holds audition once every fall semester for those who think they have what it takes to be a part of the group. Auditions are quite simple. After learning the basics of improv, auditionees are placed in games with members and all you do is try your best.

“So I joined Mad Cow because I really wanted to be a part of something and to do something fun on my free time.”

Mad Cow performs multiple shows throughout the year. Some of the shoes include: Improv your pants off, The After Dark Show, and the Mad Cow Charity Show.

“All shows for Mad Cow are free admission. The upcoming shows are December 7th and November 30th, for those that are interested.”

Most performances are held within Gibble Auditorium, located in Esbenshade Hall inside the Master’s Center. Some shows are held off campus as well.

The club gives an opportunity to develop skill in public performance and quick thinking. While also improving interpersonal relationships.

In Elizabethtown, Cam Wirth,

Elizabethtown College’s 14th Annual A-T Benefit Concert

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Elizabethtown College’s Education department hosted their annual A-T Benefit concert this past Saturday.

The concert is to help spread awareness and crowdfund support for Ataxia-Telangiectasia, also known as A-T. A-T is a progressive, degenerative disease that affects a variety of body systems and appears almost entirely in toddlers when they begin to walk.

Many groups came out to help at the concert, such as Phalanx, Emotion, Elizabethtown College’s Dance Team and so many more.

Josh Folk, president of Phalanx, spoke to us about the benefit.

“So Phalanx is super happy to be able to perform for the A-T Benefit again, run by Ed Org. It is such a great concert that supports those children that are going through A-T so it is just really awesome to be able to be here and perform.”

I also interviewed Jenna Hansell, an education major who helped organize the event.

“So the A-T benefit concert is benefiting kids who have a rare childhood disease and all the money that we are raising is going to help their children’s project.”

“All the benefits from the concert go towards helping those suffering from A-T.”

In Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, Quintin George,

College closes campus for winter storm

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Elizabethtown College was expecting a few inches of snow here yesterday, but got an ice and snow filled mess instead. The storm started in the early stages of the morning and continued on through the entire day.

“Yesterday’s storm caught a lot of people off guard. Elizabethtown College closed its campus at 12:30 yesterday and didn’t resume class until 11:00 this morning.”

The maintenance crews worked overnight to make sure the campus was safe for the students and faculty to walk and drive on. Snow was plowed into large piles all over campus and salt was poured on all the walkways. While the maintenance crew had plenty of work to do, students were able to take a break from their normal schedules.

“I knew that there was gonna be snow, but I had no idea that we were gonna get enough to have classes cancelled. Both of my classes that I had scheduled yesterday were after twelve so I missed them and I got to go hang out with my friends and enjoy the weather.”

With the school year coming to an end and deadlines closing students saw the storm as a time to relax and get into the holiday spirit.

“Well school has been really stressful so getting a little taste of Christmas spirit really brightened up my day.”

In some places around campus unmoved cars sat covered in snow, untouched since yesterday. The road conditions offered drivers a difficult test in their travels.

“I thought it was really pretty, but it was inconvenient because I got my car stuck.”

In Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, Tommy Kulikowski,

Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Citizen Journalism