Humans of Etown Story #3- Kristin Halliday

Interviewer: What is your name?

Kristin: Kristin Halliday

I: Where are you from?

K: Florida

I: What is your major?


I:Why did you choose to come to E-town?

K: I chose to come to E-town because I was looking for a small school in the north cuz I’m not a big fan of the florida heat and E-town was just the best fit for me.

I:Why’d you choose your major?

K:I’ve always been interested in Japanese and the culture and the pop culture.

I:Thank you


Humans of Etown Story #4




“It was 1965, I was 7-years-old and my dad was relatively healthy and my mom was pregnant with my brother Chris. We didn’t think anything was wrong. He was thin, very fit, but he was getting tired all the time, so he went to the doctor. After he saw the doctor he was referred to a cardiologist. Today you can just do a simple operation but back then it was unbeknownst. They were trying to figure out what to do and eventually his heart just stopped working. He died of a faulty heart valve.”


“I was very young so I didn’t really understand what was going on or how serious it was. For me it was just my dad had to go to the hospital. I stayed with a friend of my mothers, her name was Mrs. Mueller, who is still alive today, for about a week. Now it was June, so I didn’t have to go to school. I spent at least a week there because my mom had to keep going back and forth from my home to the hospital. I don’t really remember where my sister Beth and Joanne stayed. To tell you that, I’d have to call them.”


“I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting in their living room and I remember how she told me. She came up to me and said, ‘You know how your dad is in the hospital, well I’m sorry to tell you this but he won’t be coming home.’ She seemed a little uncomfortable when she told me but she was a very strong person and very sincere. I can’t remember the time of day but it was the day after the fourth of July and I remember I knew exactly what she meant. There wasn’t much I could do but cry really. His funeral was three days later Koller’s funeral home.”


“My mother fortunately had a lot of help. Especially from my grandfather and grandmother. All my aunts and uncles helped too. My grandparents did a lot, they would take me down to their house every once and a while. I remember my grandfather took me to a Phillies game. I also remember my cousin Andy took me to a 76ers game as well. My Uncle John helped a lot too, he was a great guy.”


“Six years later my mom met her current husband through my Aunt Fran, who was his sister in law. My mom and Aunt Fran had kindled a friendship a little after my dad died. His wife died and he had two boys and a girl. They met in 1970 and got remarried in 1971. Since our house was bigger, they moved into our house. So, after they got married, we had to combine families. We had to get used to each other, which wasn’t easy because everyone was kind of at odd ages. Most of us were in high school so you know how they could be. We were all getting used to each other. When I look at it now it was kind of funny, but it wasn’t back then. Now the boys had to live in the basement and the girls lived on the second floor. It was tough but we got through it.”


“Everybody goes through tough thing in life but if they have a good family they can get through. Sure, it was tough for me but I couldn’t imagine how hard it was for my mom. I can’t stress enough how important family was in all of this, if our family wasn’t as strong as it was I don’t think we could have gotten through it.”

(Malvern, PA)

Humans of Etown (Story 3) – Brice Ryschon


Listen to Brice’s Interview here:


(Colin): “So what is your biggest struggle right now?”

(Brice): “I’d have to say my biggest struggle is time management because I have so much stuff to do with my Junior work, I have a lot of homework to do, a lot of projects and presentations that I have to do. I also have two jobs here on campus, one of them is a student patrol officer for campus security, as well as being a Jay Walker for the Admissions Office, and so it’s just like I have so much to do and I’m also a drag queen on top of all of that so I have people who are asking me to come to these gigs, and all that kind of stuff, going to clubs and all that kind of stuff, so I had my first gig on Wednesday night, so it was a lot a lot of fun but just a lot of work to do.”

(Colin): “Alright cool, uh thank you!”

(Brice): “Oh that’s everything?”

(Michael): “There’s another question there Colin.”

(Colin): “And then, uh, how have you been enjoying your college experience?”

(Brice): “I’ve been loving my college experience, here at Etown. It’s just been very very interesting seeing how everything has been, um, what’s the word I want to think of, um… Coming about, I’m not sure how else to explain them, because there’s just been a lot of different things that have been occurring here on this campus, um that have really helped me grow as a person. Um, the people I’ve met, the events that have occurred, just everything on this campus has just changed me as a person, so I’ve really enjoyed the experience.”

(Colin): “Okay, thank you.”

(Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania)

Michael Wong & Colin Friel

Humans of Etown: Shaelah Best


“I came to Etown hoping to broaden my horizons and grow being a minority. And it is. But I should’ve went somewhere else. Anyway I have made some pretty great friends and although I get followed in the school store I have people that I can vent about it to. I hope that one day things will change.”

Humans of Etown: Miranda Vares

Miranda Vares

“When I got to Elizabethtown, I fully intended to be a teacher. That’s actually why I picked this school, because I thought I wanted to do Elementary Education. I’d picked it because I love kids, and I loved working with kids. Plus, people always used to look at me and just kind of assume that’s what I was going to do, you know? But anyways, I got here, and just first day of classes dropped out of the Ed major. Now I’m doing Social Work and it feels a lot more right. Like, I’m really excited to get out into the field now, and I’m excited to go to classes. Plus I don’t need to be good at simple math to be a social worker…. Which is good.”

Miranda Kaniela Vares was born to Gwen and David Vares on June 13th, 1997. She grew up in Dauphin County her entire life, going to the county’s elementary school, middle school, and high school, ultimately heading off to Elizabethtown College.

As stated in the above paragraph, Miranda initially hoped to become a teacher but quickly realized it was not the career choice for her. In place of this, she took up social work because she wanted to help others in the community and she realized she could assist more in issues that she is truly passionate about, unlike a teacher whom has certain restraints. She also currently is working on a minor in Women and Genders Studies.

Miranda has a multitude of hobbies in her life, but one she has always pursued is dancing. She started dancing at the age of four, specializing in ballet. She was once asked to do tap dance but she simply described it as “noisy ballet.” Even now at Elizabethtown College, Miranda still dances in the school’s highly popular group, Emotion. Her favorite performance thus far has been for the song ‘Sparkling Diamonds,’ choreographed by Kendra Fix and Kayla Hall.

Another passion of Miranda’s is her beloved cat named Kismet. Miranda adopted Kismet at the age of 7 while she was in first grade. Ever since, they have been an inseparable duo when she is at home, constantly caring for and entertaining the cat. Miranda also has a lovely dog, a puli, whom she got in third grade named Zuzu who double-times as the home’s local mop.

In accordance with Miranda’s dedication to wanting to help others, she is also a lifeguard at two separate pools, Spring Valley and The Reserves at Hershey. She became a lifeguard at the age of sixteen.

In her relaxation time, she loves watching movies, especially with her all-time favorite actor/singer the late David Bowie. She has had her heart broken once in her entire life, and that came last year with the passing of the musician’s death. She sort of misses Prince too.

All-in-all, Miranda is a very passionate person when it comes to helping others. This is clearly present in her social work major, utmost care of her cat, and her summertime career as a lifeguard for multiple swimming establishments.

Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Citizen Journalism