Yard Signs Down So Soon?

Election day is over. But what about those signs that we have all put in our yards to support candidates?  If your yard was sporting an Obama sign, or another sign of a winning candidate you may be tempted to leave it there to celebrate.  However, Elizabethtown Borough requires its residents to take their yard signs down five days after the election.

Roni Ryan the Assistant Borough Manager explains that Elizabethtown residents may put as many signs as they desire in their yard. Some restrictions regarding the signs are that they may not exceed six square feet wide or no more than five feet high. This regulation of the borough is part of the zoning ordinance . If any signs are left up after the five day limit the Elizabethtown Borough can ask you to take them down.

Lorinda Holmes a resident of the Elizabethtown Borough commented that ” after tomorrow it doesn’t really matter if they are up or not.” About the signs coming down soon, “I wasn’t aware that they wanted them down,” Holmes said.  She also mentioned that her McCain/Palin sign had been stolen and she had to replace it.

Another resident who wished to be kept annoymous remarked that, “I’ll keep my sign up as long as I want. It’s not like they can arrest me.” The resident said “It’s not hurting anyone if I keep it out there.”

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Reported by: Keira P. Feagley, Elizabethtown College Junior

Students Looking for more Affordable Higher Education

In the wake of the United States 700 billion dollar bailout, many locals are wondering when they too will receive the relief that Wall Street has already experienced. Many families are struggling to find a way to send their sons or daughters to college and other families are struggling to be able to afford their first or second choice in schools.  Instead, families will be forced to send their children to cheaper state schools, or others will choose not to attend college at all; finding that going straight into the working world will provide more instant gratification.

However, the ramifications go further, many private liberal arts schools will be hurt by the economy as bad as anyone. With potential students looking for other options, smaller colleges will need to become increasingly creative in attracting new students while operating on a decreased budget.

Students such as Junior Joe Macus have moved off campus to save money, and at the same time, live more comfortably and without the schools housing policies. Macus explains,

“ Living on campus was fine but when I just wanted to come back to my room and relax I never felt like I could do that in a dorm.”

Other students have simply transferred or dropped out citing cost as a key reason for not returning.

In the video below you will hear from two former Elizabethtown College students who both left citing financial pressures as a key concern.  Both Paige Rudisil and Jesse Snyder attended Elizabethtown their freshman year, but after, decided it was no longer worth the costs, figuring they could get an equal education from another more affordable institution.

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Election Day in Elizabethtown Recap

Today, Tuesday, November 4th could very well be one of the most important dates in the history of the United States of America.  Us as community members and citizins of the USA have the right to vote for possibly the first African-American President in history, or the first female Vice President in history. Throw in the current state of the economy, and this makes for the most important election in the last 100 years.

As Elizabethtown community members, we get to cast our vote. With four voting locations in Elizabethtown, the urge for everyone to get out and vote is more apparent than ever.

“We have about 2,700 in ward, and the way today has gone, I would expect just about everyone to come out to one of the voting locations.” said Elizabethtown Judge of Elections, Don Crabb. At 2 P.M. the Lutheran Lodge on East High St. was jam-packed with eager voters. Crabb chuckled that “Its no where near as full as it was earlier this morning….line was out the door and down the hill.”

With Elizabethtown municipal Borough Representative Daniel Stevenson (Dem.) seeking a seat as 98th District Representative in the General Assembly, there were a fair ammount Stevenson supporters at the Lodge. “Stevenson is a democrat, and they are out-numbered pretty heavily in this area, so he needs all the support and votes possible. ” stated local citezin Bradford Harris.

The polls close at 7 P.M tonight  and if things continue to flow the way they were at 2 P.M, then we are looking at having more voters for this election than ever before, not only in this area, but across the country. This is an extremly important time in the United States, and we will know very soon, who will be leading us as a nation for the next four years.

For a list of all the Pennsylvania and General elections, click here.

Listen to the full interview with Elizabethtown Judge of Elections, Don Crabb
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More Elizbethtown Election Coverage

 Campaign Signs in E-Town


By Troy Machir

Local Voter Information for 11/4

If you havent already sent in your absentee ballot yet, then chances are you are going to have to go out and vote on Tuesday, November 11th.


Lucky for you, there are four voting locations in Elizabethtown.  You can go to the Lancaster County government website to see a whole list. Here is the location information for The Elizabethtown Borough.




FRIENDSHIP FIRE & HOSE CO.               �
171 N MOUNT JOY                 �

800 E HIGH ST   �

Free Starbucks Coffee to all Voters

Starbucks Coffee did their part to support people voting on Tuesday. As part of the company’s mission to be involved with the community, all Starbucks stores gave away one free coffee to any customer who voted.

Regular customers at the Starbucks in Hershey, Deb and Mary, thought this move by Starbucks was a very generous act. “It was very wise on their part, most people will buy something else when they get a free coffee, so it was very good advertising,” said Deb, who was wearing a vote sticker and holding a free coffee.

The clip below has more coverage on this event.

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Even with the end of the election, Starbucks continues to do its part to help the community. At the end of November, the company will launch a (Starbucks)RED campaign, that will benefit the Global Fund to save lives in Africa.

Local Starbucks can be found in Hershey, Middletown, Harrisburg, and York. Check out the Starbucks Store Locator to find out which one is closest to you.

reported by: Megan Angstadt, Elizabethtown student

Photos and images found at Starbucks.com and Google.com

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