How to Make a Fast and Easy Dinner in your Dorm Room

Have you ever had one of those days that you are just so busy with classes and homework that you cannot leave your dorm room to go and get dinner at the cafeteria? You are not sure what you are going to do about eating because you do not have the time, but the one thing that you do know for certain you have
to eat at some point in order to keep your energy and stay awake. This means that you are going to need a fast and easy meal that you can make in your room.
Here is one fast an easy meal that you can make when you are bust and need to eat (and drink) really quickly.

Step One: Make your Drink.

In order to make yourself a drink, you will need a bottle of water and a crystal light packet. Both the water and packets can be brought at a grocery store.
There are many different favors of the crystal light packet, so you should one that sounds good to you. The first step is to open the water and the crystal
light packet. Then, you should pour the crystal light into the water bottle and shake. When the clumps of the crystal light are gone, the drink is ready and
you have an enjoyable drink that is also healthy for you. It is as easy as that.

Step Two: Make the Popcorn.

In order to make that popcorn, all you will need one bag of microwavable popcorn and a microwave. First, you unwrap the bag of popcorn and then you place it in the microwave for two minutes and twenty-five seconds and sit back and listen to the popcorn popping. Once the popcorn is finished popping, then remove the bag from the microwave and open with he corners of the bag.

Step Three: Make the Easy Mac.

In order to make the Easy Mac, we need to get an Easy Mac Package, enough water to fill the container to the fill and a microwave. First, you wrap the top off the container and take out the packet of cheese. Then you fill the container with water to the fill line and place in the microwave for three minutes and thirty seconds to cook the macaroni. Once it is done in the microwave, you take it out and stir the cheese packet in and enjoy.

Step Four: Dessert.

The easiest way to do dessert in your college dorm room is to buy a box of granola bar or chewy bars to eat as dessert. The only thing that you need to do is open the wrapper and eat.

Step Five: Enjoy and continue working!

Now that you have your entire meal, you can enjoy eating and also be sitting at your desk with your laptop or a book out in front of you and you can focus a
lot better now that your stomach is not longer hungry.


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How To Make Fruit Salad

Eating Healthy is a great way to get ready for the spring season. Everyone wants the perfect bathing suit body, but sometimes, eating healthy is easier said than done, especially for a college student. When you’re surrounded by greasy and delicious food, you can’t help but eat it.  This season, it’s time to put down the chips and make yourself a nice healthy bowl of fruit salad. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s affordable; everything a college student could ever want.

The ingredients are simple: an apple, orange, banana, and a cup of orange juice.  You’ll want to slice the fruit into small edible pieces and place them in a bowl. Next you add the cup of orange juice and mix it all together. You’ll want your fruit salad to be chilled and for the orange juice to soak into all of the fruit. Once its been chilled for a few hours, its ready to eat! Of course, you can add any other fruits that you’d prefer; whatever tastes the best to you! To watch an easy “How-To” video, be sure to check out this site: 

This healthy snack is affordable and delicious, perfect for this warm weather. So any college student on a budget and with healthy intentions, be sure to make a fruit salad next time you’re craving a delicious snack!

Hungry Students But No Time

By Troy Donato

Being a college student is very challenging. Most college students tend to stay up very late and with staying up late comes the issue of hunger. With the local Jay’s Nest being closed and nowhere to eat students need to find their own means of food. What college students make in their rooms causes them to have an in dorm dinner.

When college students need food most of the time it is a requirement to make it in their rooms. Some would go for the simpler foods such as popcorn and easy mac while other would try to make dinners more extravagant by making dinner in their kitchens in their dorms.

When talking to junior Biology major Rachel Fuehrer said “Mac and Cheese is her favorite thing to make in her room because it is quick and easy.” Fuehrer said, “being a biology major it’s hard to find time to sit down and eat sometimes making easy Mac is the only way I can eat.”

“Being an athlete its hard for me to have the time to eat after practice I have to do work. And on game days the café tends to close before I get there sometimes making food in dorm is the only way to go,” stated Josh Riehl, junior business major.

Finding time to eat is becoming a constant problem with college students and without good nutrition students are not able to perform the way they are suppose to during the day. It is important that incoming and current students realize it is very easy to make and in dorm dinner. “Making a in dorm is a quick and easy way to feed you when you are hungry,” Riehl said.

The in dorm dinner might not always be the best choice but it is certainly an option for college students that are on the go. In dorm dinners have allowed students to not have to take a huge part of their day out just eat. College students will perform better and get more work done by simply just making in dorm dinners, so the next time one is in their dorm and hungry think of all the possibilities of food to make and hopefully they will have a feast of their own in their room.

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Healthy Eating

Spring has sprung, and college students around the country are ready for the warm weather. With this weather comes the beach and with the beach comes that perfect swimsuit body that everyone is in search of. Exercising is not the only way to get your body into shape, eating healthy is also very important.

During this season, everyone is trying to eat healthy so that they can get in shape for the warm weather. It’s easy to eat fatty foods while in college, especially when they are available to you whenever you want. So why not, have a plate of French fries everyday, right? Wrong. Eating healthy, is something hard to do and is usually very costly. However, we’ve come up with a healthy solution that’s affordable and easy to make.

Fruit salad is a fresh and delicious option for any warm spring day, and on a college budget, it is very affordable. The ingredients are very simple, one apple, one banana, one orange and a cup of orange juice. You’ll want to slice the fruit into small edible pieces and place them in a bowl. Next you add the cup of orange juice and mix it all together. You’ll want your fruit salad to be chilled and for the orange juice to soak into all of the fruit. Once its been chilled for a few hours, its ready to eat! It just doesn’t get much simpler than that! Be sure to check out this link to show you just how easy this healthy snack really is: So next time you want a healthy and nutritious snack, put down the French fries and make a fruit salad.


How-to Recognize Alcohol Poisoning

We’ve all seen people wandering through the Marketplace looking almost as though they’re sleepwalking. What about those times when you walk into the bathroom around midnight right before you go to bed and the person in the stall next to you sounds like they’re not feeling too great.

What you may not think about is that that person sleepwalking might be hung-over and that guy in the stall, yea his body is rejecting the toxins of too much alcohol. How can you figure these signs out? What are the tell tale symptoms? What can you do to possibly save someone’s life?

It is important to know the signs of Alcohol poisoning. If any one of these signs is observed, call for medical attention immediately.

Unconsciousness– Confused/unable to be made aware of their surroundings.

Vomiting– Turn the person on their side so they do not choke on the vomit.

Not breathing– Slow or no pulse.

Seizures– Move the person to the floor/move all sharp objects away.

Bluish Lips– person may have a low body temperature from hypothermia.

Alcohol poisoning can be deadly. If a person drinks a large amount of alcohol before the body becomes unconscious it can lead to death and in some cases permanent brain damage. Drink responsibly and remember what happens if you abuse your body. If any of these signs are noticed you should call 911 or Campus Security (717)-361-1111. Do not leave the person until emergency services arrive.

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Alcohol Poisoning is Spreading








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