Humans of Elizabethtown

By: Andrew Westacott, Mike Garvey, Madison Chiaravolloti, Tim McParland

An interview with Lizzie Zonarich – Part 1
Part 2

Andrew: How’s your semester going so far?

Lizzie: So far, my semester is going by really fast, which is kind of intimidating since I’m in my junior year. So I’d say my college experience is going by fast; but I really enjoy all my classes. A lot of them are super creative and project-based and I excel in that type of learning environment. So, I’m really enjoying it and I feel like I’m getting like a lot of strategy, like thinking, from different public relations classes that I’m taking right now and I have all these creative art classes and I’m also learning a lot about art history. So, I feel like I’m learning a lot, which makes my semester great.

Andrew: Amazing. How would you describe the atmosphere of your classes, like what’s the student body like?

Lizzie: So, for my com classes, I’m really enjoying the environment because it’s all the same people that I’m always with. In the com department, we’re really close-knit, which is great. So, we all talk about our assignments together and if anyone has questions, we ask one another. So, it’s super friendly with that. And then in my art class, I’ve had a lot of new people in my classes, but it’s always fun to meet new people and in my drawing class, we have a lot of freshmen and it’s nice to look back and say “oh I was experiencing college for the first time”, just like them! But yeah, it’s great to have familiar faces but also meet new people and talk to other people.

Andrew: What are some career goals for you?

Lizzie: So, as I have stated before, I’m a graphic design major and public relations major, so I think I would either do something in graphic design because I absolutely love designing and being creative. So, I would either want to work for like a creative firm or something like that, or either start my own graphic design firm. Or, even work for a brand; I’d work for them a while and work my way up and maybe even be like a creative director and just have a vision of the brand and steer them in a clear direction.

Andrew: What do you think of LVMH trying to take over Tiffany’s?

Lizzie: So, here’s the thing: I love Tiffany’s & Co. I have been buyers of the brand for a long time and I love the experience, I love their products, but I feel like over the past couple of years, their sales have definitely been down, and I think that uh, LVMH, they certainly know how to run brands because they own several other big houses, so I think that they’re going to come in there and kind of give Tiffany’s a nudge in the right direction and hopefully they’ll come up with new products, um, new ways to market things to people who are in my demographic, and hopefully make stuff a little more affordable.

Andrew: Thank you so much!

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