Elizabethtown, Pa. — Steven hails from the mound of sand that is Las Vegas, Nevada, Steven began playing the piano in the first grade and has now been playing for 16 years. He graduated from the AMSAT program at Clark High School in 2015. Steven Roldan is an Elizabethtown College graduate from this past spring, he graduated with a BA in Music with concentrations in Piano, Piano pedagogy and Composition.

Before Elizabethtown

In 2014 Steven was the Nevada All State Choir Tenor 1 section leader, Vice President of Choir Council and Co-founder of Skyline student led Pop Choir.

Involvement on Campus and Locally

While Steven has since graduated he is still fairly active on campus, for instance this past October Steven played the piano at president Cecilia M. McCormick’s inauguration. Steven worked as the Organist at Riverside Methodist Church for two years until it closed in Spring of 2018. Steven also worked as the Pianist for St. Peter’s Catholic Church. Steven was also involved in the organization of praise and worship nights every few months on campus. In addition to the aforementioned type of work Steven also works as a Piano instructor and has taught students ranging from children in elementary school to individuals who are of retirement age. Some of his students have gone on to perform on campus in the preparatory division recitals. In 2018 – 2019 Steven took over the role of Music director of Vocalign co-Ed acapella group. Returning to be a host for the MVP Homecoming Show in 2019. Steven was also the President of the Bachelor of Arts in Music Organization (BAMO) from 2018 – 2019 after his time as Vice President from 2017 – 2018. As such he played a role in performances at soul cafe as well as the annual Ryan Sagedy’s Night in the City featuring BAMO. Additionally Steven would arrange songs for Melica, Vocalign and Phalanx performances which have been performed at the ICCAs. Finally Steven was also a member of the Concert Choir for seven semesters as well as the Community Choir for six semesters.


Speaking of recitals on campus Steven has had a roll in several, he gave two recitals on campus featuring music by Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Ravel, Scarlatti and Kapustin. In addition to his own recitals Steven accompanied junior recitals on campus for Gabriella Clarizio in 2019 and A.J. Gaudreau in 2017. He also accompanied for the Music Therapy Fall recital in 2018 at the Masonic Village. He also accompanied PCMEA for their annual trip to Meadow Ridge retirement home. Steven also managed to win first and second prize in the PMTA’s 2019 statewide Keystone Composition Competition where he also performed the piece “Waltz of Irrationality” at Penn State for the winners recital in November.

In the Future

Steven is not currently aware of what exactly he will be doing in the future, however it is quite possible that he will no longer be on campus this upcoming semester, as he might be returning to Las Vegas, Nevada.

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