Humans of Etown

By: Madison Chiaravolloti, Mike Garvey, Andrew Westacott, and Tim McParland

Story #2

Mike Christy Interview

Mike Garvey: I just want to start by making sure I have consent to conduct this interview.

Mike Christy: Yes, you do.

Mike Garvey: So, describe one event this semester than was the highlight of your semester.

Mike Christy: An event that was the highlight of my semester would probably be the Post Malone concert that I went to with my girlfriend. Post Malone is one of my favorite artists ever. And my girlfriend really likes him too. And it was a great time and it was in Atlantic City so it’s not something I get to experience all the time. It was in the middle of the semester so it was a nice event to kind of break up the schoolwork and things like that and get away with my girlfriend and do something fun.

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