Humans Of E-town

By: Madison Chiaravolloti, Mike Garvey, Andrew Westacott, and Tim McParland

Meagan Halbleib is a resident of Elizabethtown and a mother of two beautiful girls. As a caregiver and woman, their are concerns that most cannot see that she sees very clearly through.

“I don’t believe that homelessness should be possible or even exist in the United States. The money that exists in this country…yet we help other countries improve on their homelessness issues. It seems we should be focusing on our own don’t you think?”

Meagan was able to speak simply on this manner, although a very complicated issue, she believes it could be fixed.

“The rich could help the poor. Their are empty schools, churches, and even stores that aren’t open 24-hours. I have no personal experience, but I know many people that have been homeless. You’d never know it with some. I think it would also make us a country more aware. This would assist in taking the, “hobo” stigma away and allow humans to see a human regardless of their living situation. When we, as average non-homeless people say, “oh my god I’m starving” or “freezing” realistically we have no clue what an empty belly truly feels like. We have no idea what true cold is.”

Meagan Halbleib

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