Humans of Etown

By Katie Lock

Sarah White is a junior Social Work major here at Elizabethtown College. She is a very active student. She enjoys her life here at Elizabethtown. 

Making The Switch

Sarah began at Elizabethtown College as an Occupational Therapy student with a minor in Human Services. Sarah made the switch from Occupational Therapy to Social Work and dropped her minor the summer before her junior year. 

Sarah switched majors because she lost interest in the scientific part of Occupational Therapy, but she knew she still wanted to help people. After speaking with the head of the social work department, Susan Mapp, she knew it was a decision that would make her happiest in the long run. 

Switching from Occupational Therapy to social work made Sarah feel happy and like a weight was lifted off of her shoulders. When she joined her new major, Sarah felt a sense of belonging and comfort in the Social work major. Currently, she is doing much better in her classes which makes her feel that she is where she needs to be.


Sarah was working at a foster care in Harrisburg called The Bair Foundation over the Fall 2019 semester. She started her internship at the end of September. Susan Mapp, head of the Social Work department, helped her find the internship.

Sarah described her internship as “okay.” She said that the communication within the Bair Foundation agency wasn’t the best because they were so busy with the work and couldn’t make much time for her. 

During her internship, Sarah attended court hearings that decided the placement of the child in question and went to hearings for parents to see what the judge would like the biological parents to work on so they can get custody of their child again.

Sarah successfully finished her internship at the end of November. She had to complete 40 hours.

For next semester, she will be interning at Water Street Mission, a homeless shelter, in the mental health unit. She will be shadowing the counselor during group therapy as well as seeing how the shelter runs.

Working Student

Sarah works at the smoothie shop, Fresh Nest, in the Bowers Center, the Starbucks coffee shop at the Blue Bean in the BSC, and is also a secretary for facilities. She also works at the Elizabethtown Child Care Center daycare. She has worked at the coffee shop since freshman year. She has worked for facilities since sophomore year, and she has worked at the smoothie shop starting this year when the new Bowers Center opened.

The coffee shop is her favorite because it is the busiest out of all of her jobs. She mostly works in the morning hours, which is the busiest time for the coffee shop. She likes interacting with all the students that come in, often meeting new people and making friendships with those she meets.

The smoothie shop is Sarah’s least favorite because it’s slow and when there are no customers, she just has to stand around which is not something she does not like doing.

Sarah and Katie at the Jonas Brothers concert in Hershey, August 30, 2019

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