Scott Tevis: Theater, “Romeo and Juliet”

By Cas Stence and Kaity Chambers

The video interview conducted with Scott Tevis.

Scott Tevis is a junior computer engineering major at Elizabethtown College. In his three years here at Elizabethtown, he has been very involved with the theater program. Below is a transcript of the video.

Q. So tell us a little bit about your experiences with theater at Elizabethtown College.

Scott: So I was in the theater since freshman year. Here, I was in two shows for that. I was in one show last year and I’ve been in one show this semester this year. Which was “Romeo and Juliet”. It was really to cool to see what they would do because they did a post-apocalyptic themed. Which is something no one’s really thought to do for “Romeo and Juliet” given it’s taken in Italy.

But it was a really cool concept. It was really fun to meet all the people there and I helped out with their other little project for the theater which was called “Shorts Fest”. A bunch of students wrote short plays to have on stage and I ran the soundboard for those shows. It was really cool. And overall, it’s a super fun thing and I hope everyone can enjoy it by either being in it or getting to see some shows at Etown or just anywhere.

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