Makenna Piper: I Want To Help People

Makenna Piper is a sophomore dual major in English and social work. She is originally from Greencastle, Pennsylvania. Before moving there, however, she grew up in a tiny town with under 200 people in it and described its locale as being “in the middle of nowhere.” She also comes from a big family with four biological siblings and two step-siblings, totaling out in six siblings altogether. 

She was homeschooled up through sixth grade and went to middle school one year in seventh grade. After seventh grade, her parents split and she proceeded to take another year of homeschooling. For high school, she did attend a public high school but described it was not the best time for her. 

“High school was never a good environment for me. I didn’t really fit in, I didn’t talk a lot. I didn’t really make a lot of friends,” Makenna explained. 

However, her narrative took a turn for the better upon transitioning into college, “I really like Etown. I think it’s a good school for me. I’m happy with my majors and everything.” 

She also enjoys the small campus lifestyle that comes along with Elizabethtown College To her, the campus is perfect to go on walks and to go skateboarding. 

Makenna expressed her feeling of gratification when it came to defying expectations. Her “all-black” appearance she believes contrasts one of her favorite hobbies: knitting. People are surprised by the discrepancies between her image and her likes. She doesn’t like to be pinned down to just one trait. 

“I don’t fit exactly into one category of person,” Makenna said while trying to explain the facets of her own personality, “Like, I look like the gay emo person- and that’s true. But then there’s the stuff that isn’t immediately evident…like I’m a nerd. I’m part old-lady, part nerd, part-emo. It’s a weird mix.” 

Makenna in her self-described “bi pose”.

When it comes to her future, she wants a career in helping people. This was a purpose that she did not initially find and had to spend some time searching for it. Currently, she believes that her calling is to make small improvements to everyone’s lives.

Even now, she tries to help people whenever she can by offering rides or buying them food. Sometimes, Makenna thinks that people might take advantage of her kindness and generosity, but this still doesn’t stop her.

She desires to help people however she can. This motivating and driving force is one of the things that led her to major in social work. Her calling is simple: make a meaningful impact on other people’s lives. 

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