Samantha Chambers: Becoming the Teacher

Samantha Chambers was born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Exeter Township senior high school in May of 2017. She has worked as an intern at the Exeter Community Library during the summers of 2018-19. Samantha is currently in her third year at Elizabethtown College. She is studying early childhood education, with plans to become an elementary school teacher.

A Major Decision

During her first visit to an open house at Elizabethtown College, Samantha was unsure about which major she planned to pursue. Throughout the years, she displayed academic excellence, particularly in mathematics. As a result, she initially planned to major in secondary math education. She recalls many occasions where she would assist her peers if they did not understand a math problem. However, Samantha ultimately decided to become an early childhood education teacher. She sees the potential in all young minds, and wishes to inspire her future students by demonstrating encouragement and supporting them in any way that she can.

“Too many students look at themselves in a negative light and have a hard time believing in their own abilities. I want to impact these students and be the person in their life that shows them they can and will succeed.

I have worked with many students in my field placement who say “I can’t do it” or “it’s too hard for me.” I want to change their perspectives and turn these phrases into positive ones, such as “I can do it” and “it’s challenging, but not impossible.”

I want my students to know that everyone learns differently, and that is okay.”

Positive Mindset

Overall, Samantha seeks to be a positive figure in her students’ lives. She has already seen the impact she has made in the lives of her students at field placement. As she goes into her last week of full-time placement for the fall 2019 semester, she is eager to see how much she has impacted her students.

She believes an important aspect of being a teacher is being able to build trust with her students to ensure they feel comfortable with opening up to her if they are struggling. Samantha also looks to focus on improving her students’ social-emotional learning while encouraging them to succeed academically.

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