Grace Childs: Hardworking, Dedicated and Right Where She is Supposed to Be

Grace Childs smiles in front of a Christmas tree in Ober hall.

Grace Childs grew up in Orange, Vermont, and was taught at a young age the importance of getting a good education. When she began looking at colleges she knew she had to find the perfect school that would meet her academic and social needs. She also wanted to find a college with a well-accredited chemistry department because she wanted to major in chemistry. During her junior year of high school, she toured Elizabethtown College with her parents and immediately fell in love.

A Home Away From Home

Childs chose Elizabethtown College because she really liked the chemistry professors, she enjoyed the community vibe of the college and she liked that it checked off a lot of her boxes of what she wanted in a college. Additionally, she was thankful that she was able to leave Vermont and explore a new state. She said it was a bonus that Elizabethtown’s school colors are the same as her high school’s colors because it reminds her of home.

Childs, like most incoming freshmen, had a bit of a rough start as she learned how to adjust to a new state and make new friends. Luckily, she met a lot of her best friends through her FYS class and was able to navigate the college quickly because it is a small campus.

Childs is currently a sophomore and works as a peer mentor when she is not studying for her rigorous science classes. Childs said that her favorite memories at Elizabethtown College have been June peer mentor orientation and last spring’s chemistry department picnic. She loved June peer mentor orientation because she spent a whole week bonding with the other peer mentors through activities like outdoor laser tag and capture the flag. She also loved the chemistry department picnic because she was able to take a break from classes and play volleyball and canjam with her peers and professors.

The peer mentoring program and the chemistry department have really played a key role in making Elizabethtown College feel like home to Childs. She said the people in the peer mentoring program and the professors in the chemistry department are all so helpful, caring and accepting that it makes her feel right at home.

College Aspirations

Childs is even more committed to her academics than she was when she was young. For example, she plans on expanding her education by studying abroad in New Zealand next spring. She wants to study abroad in New Zealand because they have a great chemistry program. Furthermore, she has always wanted to experience New Zealand’s unique culture and wants to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Childs will be ecstatic if she is able to accomplish her goal of studying abroad before graduation because it is something she is very passionate about. It’s hard for her to believe that her first two years of college are almost over, but Childs plans on jumping at every opportunity that comes her way. By the time she graduates, she hopes to be the best version of herself and have made a positive impact within the Blue Jay community.

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