Lizzy and Parker’s petition for change

By: Katie Lock & Lily Doerschuk

Lizzy: I created this petition because I noticed the increasing number of students unable to live as they wish. If you’re not an upperclassman all students should be able to live as they choose and how they want to.

Parker: A main point of this was to push this to the administration who have stated that this is very important. However significant changes are not being made and questions about future plans are constantly dismissed or looted.

Lizzy: The proposal for this petition was purposely made to show how the changes being made are not benefiting the students. It was our goal to try to meet a common ground allowing seniors who choose so to move off campus.

Parker: Unfortunately these conditions were unable to be met. Small steps with no future plans leave students unsure about their housing situations in the future. We are aware that the administration is taking steps in the right direction but for students who are on campus now we are worried about the amount of time that this is taking for these changes to be made.

Lizzy: Students should be in favor this petition no matter their housing plans for the future. If students want to live off campus that is what this is intended for to build independency as a young adult and have the opportunity to do so. We shouldn’t have to bring this to our administration’s attention if students want to live on campus then more students living off campus provides them with the largest selection of dorms.

Parker: The number of students they let off campus without breaking contract is completely dependent on the amount of incoming freshmen. A student should not have to be the financial buffer for the university that they are paying for.

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