Cece Sadek: Her Roots and College Life

Olivia Gaughan, Kate Bixler, Christian Schaaf

This video is an interview of Cece Sadek, a sophomore social work major at Elizabethtown College. Below is a transcript of Sadek’s interview.

“Hi guys! My name is Cece Sadek and I’m a second-year student here at Elizabethtown College. I major in social work and I double minor in art and family business. Originally, I’m from the Middle East in the Gaza Strip, but I have been living in Lancaster for the past ten years which is how I came to find Elizabethtown College. Coming here, the transition was really easy because of how welcoming and the sense of belonging that like radiates and surrounds this campus. It helps you like join other clubs on campus and like be able to feel as if you belong. So, on campus I’m involved in a few things: I’m a DJ for our radio show here as you can see like this where we are. I’m also an RA and just like involved in a lot of things around campus. So yeah, it’s helped me feel as if I belong here and this is my home.”

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