Freshman Ready to Fly

Hannah Sohn stands in the BSC located on Elizabethtown College’s campus.

Olivia Gaughan, Kate Bixler, Christian Schaaf

This interview is of Hannah Sohn. Sohn is a freshman psychology major from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

“I value kindness. I like when people treat each other with respect. It makes the world a better place. I value honesty and justice a lot. I like to run, draw, paint, exercise, shop and be with people. I laugh at everything; it’s really bad. I remember my roommate and I, Kaylin, at night we get so giggly. We played bean boozled and she gagged so loud you could hear it from down the hallway. Funny nights with my roommate when we’re both going crazy are the best nights. Her mom sends care packages for us both. She gave us 13 gifts to open every day and they always make us smile. It’s just fun stuff like that.”

“I love Elizabethtown College because I feel like the people are very welcoming and approachable, even the people in town are so nice. I really like the area. There are a lot of fun, little things to do in town. I don’t know, I just like farm areas and small towns.”

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