Tim McCorkle: My Love of Music

By Cas Stence & Kaity Chambers

Timothy McCorkle is a sophomore engineering major at Elizabethtown College. Outside of school, he is very invested in music and plays bass in his band. The podcast and its transcript are below.

The official podcast.

Q. So if you could, I’d like you to tell me a little bit about yourself. What makes you, you? Your past experiences, things that you dealt with?

Tim: Well, a lot of what makes me, me is I guess just the people that I surround myself with like I notice I tend to pick up mannerisms from a lot of my friends and family. I tend to kind think in the same way they do I’ve noticed.

But yeah. Then it’s just my various interests and hobbies like especially my love of music and one thing for sure that definitely helped make me who I am is my love of music. Getting to play with my band, that’s a pretty cool experience that not everyone gets. I just really feel like I can be myself when I’m performing, on stage, or writing a song. Like, it’s just really cool seeing everyone get into the music and just have a good time.

And I guess it’s really an amazing experience to get to just be like someone who helps other people have a good time. And I feel like that’s definitely a big part of who I am. It’s just I love music and just aim to let loose.

Q. Would you say you like connecting with other people through your music?

Tim: Yeah, I’d say so. I’ve met some pretty cool people through shows we’ve played in. Like some of the shows where we’ve gotten to play with other bands, I’ve gotten to meet a lot of new artists and that’s not typically a chance that people get to meet artists like that. So it’s really cool to not only get to see them perform, but also talk to them. And like even share our gear with them sometimes.

And it’s just a really cool experience just especially because of how much I love music. How much I love performing. And yeah, just, it’s a really cool experience.

And that’s definitely shaped me into who I am.

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