Let’s Do the Time Warp Again!

Elizabethtown, Pa – I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show  last Friday and it was a blast. I went with a group of friends and we all dressed up for the occasion. I wore a silky white wig with my athletically hip gear. The auditorium was packed with students once the show started at midnight. The vibes were spooky, freaky and weird. All of these qualities make for a good event. 

This was my first time going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show and I was pleasantly surprised by it. It was not a typical movie viewing, but rather it was an interactive show. There was an entire cast that would interact with the audience during the movie viewing. Also, everyone was dressed up for the viewing. 

The cast was full of lively actors that played the roles of the characters from the movie and lip-synced to the song lyrics. The atmosphere was lively and there was no room to be tired. The show was brought to us by the Etown Intellectual Film Club, whose members were part of the cast.

The show began with a contest, a costume contest that is. People were encouraged to come to the front of Gibble Auditorium for everyone to see. Dr. Frank-N-Furter, the Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania, used the crowd’s roars to judge each contestants costume. Most of the costumes were scandalous, but everyone’s confidence up at the front of Gibble was what sold them. There was one audience member who wore underwear with caution tape wrapped around his legs, for example. 

Once the picture show started, people were chanting along with lines from the movie. It really reflected the cult-following the movie has. I appreciated the shared interest between such a large group of people; it really bonded the room. However, the shouting did get a little annoying as the movie went on, especially when they would scream “slut” and “asshole” at the screen when Brad and Janet showed up. It didn’t make sense at first, but I assumed it was part of the culture of watching the show.

My favorite part of the show was the Time Warp. People got out of their seats and danced along with the characters on screen. It started with a jump to the left, then you put your hands on your hips and do a pelvic thrust. It was lively, quirky and fun. It captured the atmosphere of the room perfectly. The energy was high and everyone was shouting and dancing during this musical scene.

In addition to watching the show, there would be sporadic intermissions where more contests or activities would be held. As a “virgin”, I was chosen by the actors to come to the front of the stage with other newcomers. Being a virgin simply means that it’s an attendee’s first time attending the show. We had to eat a marshmallow off someone’s body and that would take our “virginity”. It was fun and it put me out of my comfort zone, which I appreciated. 

The next contest was an orgasm contest. Thankfully, I didn’t have to participate in it. It was a contest to see who had the most enthralling orgasm noise. Again, roars from the crowd deemed a winner after everyone gave their best orgasm noise. 

All in all, the show was amazing and I would go again next year. I also recommend others who haven’t to check it out!

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