Opportunities at Elizabethtown College

Elizabethtown College offers plenty of opportunities on campus for students interested in Communications.

“One of the main things that I am doing this semester is my radio show here every Thursday from 2 to 4” said Will Paterson a Junior Mass Communications student. “I wasn’t entirely sure if radio was up my alley but I thought it would be a branch and an opportunity to broaden my communications experience. So I came in and I have been doing this for about 4 weeks  and I gotta tell you, this is the highlight of my week at some points.”

Communication students interested in Public Relations can take advantage of JayFirm. Those with a passion for production can join ECTV, the school’s student run TV station or host their own radio show with WWEC, the college’s student operated radio station.

“I also know there is a bunch of other opportunities for people such as the TV station, the newspaper, the PR department which are definitely great opportunities for anybody who wants to learn more about the specific job fields such as TV, such as the newspaper, PR firms, things like that” says David Varner, a Junior Communications Student.

Elizabethtown College has many jobs and internships that students can take advantage of.

Will Paterson had this to say about working on campus.

“The opportunities are always there and the students always have the chance to take advantage of them. They also offer a diverse range of things to do.” he said. “For example I am also writing op-ed pieces for the Etownian and their sports, I am working for the athletic department doing communications and graphic design which I could not have learnt without the knowledge I have gotten from the communications staff and the teachers here.” Will continues.

From Elizabethtown, James Vernon, wetown.org

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