Radio Cameras Continue To Be Unplugged

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Mischief arising inside the radio station at Elizabethtown College. The station’s cameras, installed earlier this year, keep mysteriously getting unplugged. The cameras hook up to a device in the station that can be used for podcasting. However these cameras do not monitor behavior inside the studio. Station manager Meghan Kenney thinks the student is concerned about privacy.


“The goal here is not to watch them,” said Meghan Kenney, station manager for WWEC. “I understand that that’s creepy; I understand that’s weird. We have a TV that actually will show the feed from all the cameras, but it’s all in real time; it’s not recording. I’ve told people they’re allowed to turn it off. I’ve shown people where the remote is. I’ve told them how they don’t have to look at themselves if that’s what’s bothering them.”


We contacted campus security for further comment on the college’s surveillance policies but they did not respond. However we do know that the campus has security cameras. The college does monitor the campus but no one was willing to go on camera and explain how.


Kenney told us a bit more about the college’s cameras.


“They have cameras at every entrance and exit,” she said. “They have them at certain spots of interest, so like at the communications department for example. There’s a camera right outside, so if you’re trying to steal something from the radio station we’ll likely catch you out there.”


Theft is not a concern for the radio station at the moment since nothing has been stolen. However the continued unplugging of the cameras just creates more work for everyone at the radio station.


The college’s surveillance policies exist purely to keep students safe. The only worry anyone in the radio station should have is whether or not they have a bad taste in music. Ray Cotolo reporting for



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