ESPN Radio’s 3rd Annual Brew-chanan Fest

By: Meghan Kenney (not Emma Pile)

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For the past three years, ESPN Radio has held Brew-chanan Fest on the first Saturday of October in Buchanan Park in Lancaster City. This year, Brew-chanan had over 50 different breweries, vineyards, meaderies, and cider houses present at the fest, each bringing plenty of samples for the over 1400 attendees.

Debbie Aszmus, from ESPN Promotions, said of the fest, “This is the 3rd annual Brew-chanan Fest at Buchanan Park to benefit Angels Among Us Animal Sanctuary an that is to help older dogs that need rescued and adopted”.

Angels Among Us had a tent at Brew-chanan where they had some of their senior dogs who are up for adoption. There were also pretzel necklaces available by donation, since pretzels are known to be a great companion to the brews!

There was more than just beer, wine, mead, and cider at Brew-chanan. There were some other vendors such as Whimsical Wonders by Kris. They sold items made out of old bottles, bottle caps, wine corks, and more.

Many attendees played games, such as corn hole and giant beer pong, while others enjoyed listening to music from The Mad Hatters, a local band that covered songs that the whole crowd could sing along to.

There was also a Homebrew Competition at Brew-chanan Fest where local people were chosen to bring their homemade beers in and attendees could vote on which beer was their favorite. There were seven homebrewed beers this year with Blueberry Passionfruit Smoothie coming in first place.

Vince Augello, ESPN Radio Promotions Captain, said of the fest, “So a lot goes into planning Brew-chanan Fest. We work for months to get all of the vendors lined up and all of the food vendors. A lot goes into it but it definitely pays off with the great event that we’re having today”.

Those at ESPN Radio are already hard at work planning the 2020 Brew-chanan Fest which will be held on October 3 of next year.

In Buchanan Park, Meghan Kenney,


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