Elizabethtown College Cuts Film Minor

Films, TV, Movies, all types of everyday consumer entertainment. But the one thing that most consumers don’t think about is the ones who study and analyze these types of movies and films every day.  Elizabethtown College, like most colleges, is a business and sometimes they need to make budget cuts. What type of budget cuts have they made this year? To some of the majors and minors by cutting them out. More importantly on this topic, the film minor. We go to Christopher Tongel, a film minor student, to see his next steps.  You know, I’m still not positive with the way everything is going to work out. I’m going to talk with my advisor and we are going to go from there. It’s really tough for me because I was hoping to have it on my portfolio and now all I have is just basically another class listed basically. Currently some of the film minor students are unsure if they will graduate with a film minor or without it. Here is what Dr. Helb, a film minor teacher, has to say about the importance of studying film. Film is a big part of our lives, and we form a lot of our identity through movies we watch, movies we love and movies we reject. For the same reason we study literature, study television and study media around us, it’s a big part of our lives. What’s the next big thing for Elizabethtown College? In Elizabethtown PA, David Varner wetown.org.

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