Celebrating 30 years of Harford County Tradition

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For over 30 years, “Harriet’s Happiest Halloween” has been thrilling audiences of all ages with the tale of young Harriet, who is in search of her perfect Halloween costume. The Harford Dance Theatre of Harford County, Maryland puts on this spectacle every year in a classic Halloween show.

This year, Harriet will face a new adventure as she searches for the perfect Halloween costume. She stays afterschool to work on a project and discovers a new world of spooky characters hiding in the science lab, boiler room and more.

This Harford County tradition has drawn huge crowds year after year as talented performers act out Harriet’s adventure in a combination of dance numbers to popular Halloween songs. The family-friendly nature of the show makes it the perfect Halloween-time activity for kids of all ages.

“I like being in ‘Harriet’s’ because I like to interact with all the kids in the audience, and it’s a really fun experience both ways because I get to brighten their Halloween with the magic and they get to brighten mine with their smiles,” dancer and actor Katelyn O’Connor said.

“My favorite part about being in ‘Harriet’s’ is probably just general dancing. I’ve always done singing and musical theatre my whole life, but now that I’ve started dancing, I’ve found a new love for it,” dancer Aaron Knight said.

“Harriet’s Happiest Halloween” takes place in the Chesapeake Theatre at Harford Community College. Tickets for “Harriet’s Happiest Halloween” are on sale now. Ticket prices start at $12. The opening night is Thursday, Oct. 17 and shows run through Sunday, Oct. 20.

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