Students Prepare for Production of Romeo and Juliet

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Students at Elizabethtown College are hard at work preparing for the opening night of Romeo and Juliet on October 31st. 

The play is currently in production with a cast of over 15 students. Director Michael Swanson has taken a unique spin on the auditions. He decided to cast everyone genderblind, meaning anyone can play any of your beloved Romeo and Juliet characters. 

The set is still being finished up, and will not be complete until close to the week before opening night. Even then small adjustments will continue to be made should things need changed during the performances. 

Technical Director Richard Wolf-Spencer oversees the set design and advises the students on any changes that should be made to the set. This year, the director took a unique spin on the classic play. 

“This is not your typical Elizabethan concept for this play.” said Wolf-Spencer, “We’re developing a different concept so we’re going to stretch the audience’s imagination a little bit by taking them to a different place in time, something that we hope they will be able to connect with.”

The show will take place in Elizabethtown College’s Blackbox Tempest Theater. Opening night is on Halloween at eight P-M and it will run through November tenth. Visit the theater’s box office for more dates and times. 

The theater’s next show will be The Etown Shorts Fest on November 22nd and 23rd at 8 p.m. This performance is a collection of five short plays directed by students in the theater department’s directing class.

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