Hackman Apartment Renovations

Elizabethtown, Pa. – The Hackman Apartments are currently being renovated.

Hackman Apartments

The Hackman apartments are currently being renovated. There have been a number of concerns regarding the Hackman apartments on campus in recent years.

These renovations have already begun to have an affect on the students, as these renovations have already influenced this past round of the housing selection process. Currently only one of the two Hackman apartment buildings has occupants.

One areas of interest is why these renovations are happening now, and if there is some sort of general timeline these renovations are intended to follow, furthermore the flexibility of markers on this timeline or the renovations as a whole. Should students expect delays on the project, are the funds and resources required for this project already appropriately allocated or could future events and or circumstances potentially lead to the reallocation of these funds and resources.

While we know that there the Hackman apartments are currently being renovated, we do not have a clear understanding of what the goal of these renovations is. Is the goal simply to allow more students to live in on campus housing, or is there going to be a focus on the diversification of on campus housing such that there are more significant differences between the housing options to appeal to different groups of students. Or is the goal strictly to improve the quality of existing housing.

A further point of interest is whether the plans for these renovations have been in the works for some considerable length of time, and if so for how long. Or are we to assume that the reality is these renovations are a reaction to more recent events and or circumstances. Or could the timing of the renovations actually be a combination of long existing plans that have been expedited as a result of more recent events and or circumstances.

The aforementioned are all of interest to the students who are both currently being affected by these renovations, as well as the students who would or could potentially be affected in the future. Unfortunately, whilst these are areas of interest the information is not necessarily the most available.

I, in an attempt to learn more about the Hackman renovations, reached out to Michelle Henry, Amy Berra, Celestino Limas and Stephanie Rankin via email. Of their responses to my email the only information I had gathered was that I should probably attempt to reach out to Mark Zimmerman, as he supposedly would be able to answer my questions. From here I emailed Zimmerman, I never heard back from or received an email from Zimmerman.

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