Construction Affects Commuter Routes to Campus

Elizabethtown, Pa – Elizabethtown Borough started annual paving the week of September 23, affecting Washington Street, Lemon Street, Cherry Street and South Mount Joy Street.

These streets affect off-campus commuters as well as those who park on the street to get to campus. Vehicles that do not comply with the closed-off streets will be in violation and will be towed, according to campus security in their email sent out to students.

“Members of our campus community must use Cedar Street or College Avenue as the main access routes to the College,” campus news noted in the email.

“It was really annoying,” senior Mikayla Ruth noted. “I had to go find another way to get to campus.”

Approximately 84% of students live on campus, according to the Elizabethtown College “about” page. So, there is a sizeable portion of students that do commute.

Restrictions have an effect on commuting students. “Being a commuter is already in itself a challenge, as it involves taking on the extra task of planning a route to school, navigating traffic and then doing it again at the end of the day,” according to the Daily Bruin.

“Traffic is never on your side,” junior William Paterson said. Commuters definitely have to plan another part of their day and restrictions do not help it.

“The College reserves the right to initiate and change parking violation fees, fines and regulations at any time following proper notification to the College Community,” per their parking regulations page.

As of October 1, weather has delayed the pavement sealing process and restrictions will continue at the start of this week.

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