Elizabethtown Thanksgiving

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This may seem like chaos at other colleges, but for Etown, this is home. Here the lines wrap around the Brossman Commons where students wait in line to take family style group photos. No matter your major, year, or what you’re doing, this is the place to be. Even if you’re stuck posing for a little longer than necessary.

Miranda Fedor, class of 2021, had many positive things to say about this Thanksgiving tradition. ” So my favorite thing about coming to the Thanksgiving dinner is just the feel of it. I feel it is just very relaxed, because normally when we are eating dinner, it’s like ‘okay now we have to go do stuff’ right after instead of just enjoying it. There is going to be good food and it kinda just gets me ready for the break coming up. It’s just a good dinner.”

In addition, students are served by faculty, staff members including some of their friends from catering.

From Wetown.org, this is Pleasant Sprinkle-Williams wishing you all a happy holidays.

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