Etown’s College-Community Orchestra

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The Elizabethtown College-Community Orchestra presented its Fall Concert in Leffler Chapel, last Sunday, November 18th. The conductor and Director of this concert is Etown’s very own Dr. Robert Spence.

This Orchestra contains 84 members, with students and community members alike. It features works by Wagner, Bourgeois, Bernstein, and Copland. An Orchestra has violins, violas, cellos, bass, trumpets, French horns trombones, and oboes and percussion, String and wind instruments.

During the concert, Dr. Spence gave special recognition to five, and ten-year orchestra member veterans from the community.
Now let’s go to’s Sierra Rosa.

I was able to catch Violinist Rachel Rhoads, after the concert. “The instrument I play is the Violin. I’ve been playing the Violin for almost 12 years. I can’t just pick one song that was my favorite that we played tonight it would definitely be a tie between the Cello Concerto we played and Journey to the line.”

Rachel Has a strong passion for music just like some of the audience members that were in attendance. I was able to catch up with one after the concert. Eli Kuklinski is another student of Dr. Spence but Eli is in the band which is also directed and conducted by Dr. Spence.

“I’ve been to about four concerts here, I think, three or four. Um, I’m a student of Dr. Spences, I’m in the band with him and I liked this concert because they did a song with seventeen percussionists and it was the coolest thing.”

Etown’s College-Community Program held a list of songs that they played some of which are Prelude to Die Meistersinger by Richard Wagner, Serenade by Derek Bourgeois and Concerto for Cello and Orchestra by Weinberg, which contained a soloist, whose name is Greg Flury on the cello.
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In Elizabethtown, Sierra Rosa,

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