Volunteer opportunities

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There are many different types of volunteer opportunities offered. There are even events held on campus, service trips, and mentoring programs. Some examples of campus events are: Into the Streets and Into the Campus. Both are service days in which students participate in projects on and outside of campus.  Service trips are offered to all students and take place in many different areas. “The college also offers mentoring programs, such as Moving Forward and Building Bridges.  In these programs Etown students connect with other high students within the area.” For students requiring financial aid, work study is offered. These students complete service projects in return for financial support. There are also opportunities through academics. Community based learning is an example of this.  Communications major Mikenna Lehane talks about the benefits of getting involved.

“I think volunteering is important because it’s a great way to give back to the community to help and others. I have done a number of activities in the past, like helping out with the keystone blood center and helping lobotomists on the floor while people were donating.” Lehane said.

Volunteering may also help future employment. Students can put these experiences on their resume or grad school applications and use them as interview topics. Volunteering also gives them skills, such as leadership, that can be applied to any job.  Student Assistant for the Center of Community and Civic Engagement, Emily Barber, tells us about the importance of volunteer work.

“I think that students should volunteer because it really gives an awesome opportunity to grow in yourself and help other’s I think it’s important to meet other people an interact with the greater community,” Barber said.

Students can find more information about volunteer opportunities on the Community for civic engagement webpage. There are also posters about upcoming events hanging in the BSC.  In Elizabethtown, Jamie Verrekia, wetown. org



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