Mad Cow Improv, An Elizabethtown College Experience


The Elizabethtown College Campus has its very own, student run, improv group. the improv group goes by the name of Mad Cow.

Mad Cow prides themselves on being a family oriented improv group that is fun for all ages.

To get ready for their shows the group holds rehearsals. Here they play games to hone their improvisation skills. Two of the games in particular are called half-time and levels.

“so my favorite game is Half-Time, and i really like it because it’s very fast paced. I get to scream and be really loud. And just do pretty much whatever you wanna do.”

Mad Cow holds audition once every fall semester for those who think they have what it takes to be a part of the group. Auditions are quite simple. After learning the basics of improv, auditionees are placed in games with members and all you do is try your best.

“So I joined Mad Cow because I really wanted to be a part of something and to do something fun on my free time.”

Mad Cow performs multiple shows throughout the year. Some of the shoes include: Improv your pants off, The After Dark Show, and the Mad Cow Charity Show.

“All shows for Mad Cow are free admission. The upcoming shows are December 7th and November 30th, for those that are interested.”

Most performances are held within Gibble Auditorium, located in Esbenshade Hall inside the Master’s Center. Some shows are held off campus as well.

The club gives an opportunity to develop skill in public performance and quick thinking. While also improving interpersonal relationships.

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