College closes campus for winter storm

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Elizabethtown College was expecting a few inches of snow here yesterday, but got an ice and snow filled mess instead. The storm started in the early stages of the morning and continued on through the entire day.

“Yesterday’s storm caught a lot of people off guard. Elizabethtown College closed its campus at 12:30 yesterday and didn’t resume class until 11:00 this morning.”

The maintenance crews worked overnight to make sure the campus was safe for the students and faculty to walk and drive on. Snow was plowed into large piles all over campus and salt was poured on all the walkways. While the maintenance crew had plenty of work to do, students were able to take a break from their normal schedules.

“I knew that there was gonna be snow, but I had no idea that we were gonna get enough to have classes cancelled. Both of my classes that I had scheduled yesterday were after twelve so I missed them and I got to go hang out with my friends and enjoy the weather.”

With the school year coming to an end and deadlines closing students saw the storm as a time to relax and get into the holiday spirit.

“Well school has been really stressful so getting a little taste of Christmas spirit really brightened up my day.”

In some places around campus unmoved cars sat covered in snow, untouched since yesterday. The road conditions offered drivers a difficult test in their travels.

“I thought it was really pretty, but it was inconvenient because I got my car stuck.”

In Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, Tommy Kulikowski,

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