Trunk or Treat

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The Elizabethtown College senate hosted a trick or treating event of their own on Tuesday, October 30th.

The event, Trunk or Treat, took the classic Halloween tradition and added a little twist. Rather than going house to house for candy, you could find dressed up kids getting candy from a car trunk.

The event was put together by student senate member Emily Perry.

“So the Trunk or Treat Event is run by the Elizabethtown College Student senate and we open it up to the Elizabethtown community, to families, and all the clubs get involved in decorating their trunks and giving out candy to the kids before Halloween.”

Many kids could be found at the event in a variety of clever and different costumes. Including the opportunity to get dressed up, kids also had fun playing games, getting their faces painted, and enjoying the decorations.

Trunk or Treat was not only an opportunity for children to dress up and have fun, it gave the opportunity for many clubs found on campus to participate in the event. Each club that participated had the chance to decorate a car trunk however they wanted to, and each had their own unique theme.

Some of the themes included a Harry Potter theme, Disney theme, Dr. Seuss theme and even a monster theme. However, clubs such as Mad Cow, decided to add their own style to what they wanted their trunk to look like. Mad Cow member Pleasant Sprinkle-Williams had this to say…

“So we’re Mad Cow and we’re doing Trunk or Treat this year. We did it last year and we kind of mix it up a little bit so this year we thought we’d be funny to be cows. All varying types of cows. My one friend is a rad cow with a skateboard and a backwards cat. I’m the athletic mint cow, hence the baseball bat and mint colorations. We have a mad cow that’s semi-greaser female. So we’re all doing different variations of it. We have an actual cow that’s a friend in a cow suit, anyway, yeah we’re just rocking out and handing out candy to kids.”

Trunk or Treat was held outside of Leffler Chapel and started at 4:00 pm and lasted until 6:00 pm.

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