Bras Across Campus

Elizabethtown College held its annual Feel Your Boobies, Bras Across Campus, event in the Kav last week. It was an event meant to build a community. It aimed to unite those who have experienced or have family or friends who have experienced breast cancer.

One part of the event was to sign a “bra” with the person’s name who had breast cancer that you knew. It also featured some other fun activities, such as a selfie frame. There were two tables set up, one held stickers, flyers, and other things to let other people know to Feel Their Boobies. There also were plenty of pins and ribbons to remember the event by.

There were some speeches delivered and stories shared. Sarah Brennan, the guest speaker and well-known author, shared her story as a breast cancer survivor. She is very active in the Feel Your Boobies foundation, and shared some knowledge on breast cancer with us from her own experiences.

This event means a lot to many people, and can help someone experiencing breast cancer feel less alone.

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