Elizabethtown Bias Incidents

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“So we’ve definitely had quite a few incidents and anything more than zero incidences too many.”

“This year we had an incident in one of our residence halls where a transgender student was targeted and that population has been the target of several incidents in the past,” the Coordinator of Multicultural Programs’ Stepf Diaz said.

“The whiteboards in Schlosser were vandalized with racial slurs and it was one of those things whereas like this wasn’t in the brochure, you know, this is something that we don’t talk about. So it’s just something to think about. And more recently I know there was an incident where, um, this semester someone on campus on social media talked about how out and about in the town they had been barked at,” says Delaney Dammeyer, an Elizabethtown Junior Anthropology major.

“One of the biggest things honestly is the fact that students realize that bias incidents and just the negative feelings that they were having on campus could be made better by having a space to themselves. So because of those incidents, you know, we were able to open the mosaic.” Diaz said.

This is the Mosaic House. Here they have a pool table, a lounge, and a kitchen towards the back. They even have an upstairs space for students; but it’s more than just a space that students can have their fun and free time, it is also a safe space.

“As an office, we’re working together to get a bias response team together and actually create protocol because we haven’t had protocols in the past, so you know, we have rules for how to report other things, but it seems like when there’s a bias incident, everybody’s sort of up in the air about what exactly is the next step.” Diaz ends.

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